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“Beautiful” People

It’s hard for me to separate outward beauty from someone’s personality. I remember in high school, someone was commenting on how gorgeous Gina was. I wrinkled my face and vehemently disagreed. “No. Really. She could be a model,” the someone replied. And I said, “No. Really. She’s ugly.” And then the someone said, “Oh, I know she’s a bitch but she sure is pretty.” I was taken aback. She was right. Gina WAS a bitch. But there was no denying it. She WAS gorgeous. Everyone copied her clothes, her makeup. A lot of the girls in my class wanted to be liked by her. Her looks had a power over many people. But not me.

It’s that way for me and celebrities. I think that’s why I’d prefer not to know anything about their personal lives. They’re attractive. Until they open their mouths. And I’ve realized that many of them work very hard to keep people like me in the dark. Some celebrities have no problem standing on their soapbox, telling me how to vote, how I should drive a Prius and take 3 minute showers. Others are the masters of spin.

I used to think Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie were attractive. But I didn’t know too much about them. Just that they were actors and I enjoyed their work. And then stories in  the tabloids started suggesting that Hollywood’s golden marriage was in trouble and that Angelina was the home wrecker.

The timing of certain magazine covers began to interest me. One magazine would have Brad comforting a tearful Jennifer, another headlined Angelina visiting an orphanage in Africa. The next week a magazine would show an angry Jennifer with headlines suggesting strife between the golden couple, another magazine pictured Angelina cradling the new baby she’s adopted. On and on it would go. Trouble in paradise with Brad and Jenn. Angelina, the next Mother Theresa. This happened throughout the year, throughout their personal turmoil. And always, Angelina was depicted (in the major, “respectable” magazines) as the disinterested party to Brad and Jenn’s struggles, just the do-good angel, trying to save the world one child at a time.

Gag me.

It was then that Angelina and Brad began to lose their appeal to me. The world isn’t stupid. We can read between the magazine covers. Brad and Angelina worked on a movie together. A spark turned into a flame and they acted on it, despite the fact that Brad was married. It’s not unheard of – especially in Hollywood. It’s not admirable. But we all have regrets and mistakes in our lives. We’re all imperfect human beings.

But to try and spin to the world that you’re an innocent party? That you had nothing to do with weakening a marriage vow? Angelina’s publicist was working overtime. Don’t look that way – look this way at all of the good she’s doing around the world. Saving the children. It’s all about the children.


That’s not to say Brad Pitt is innocent in all of this. But his spin doctors weren’t parading him across magazine covers, preaching his world causes.

So now, I can see how Angelina Jolie is attractive to some. And Brad Pitt, too. But I don’t find them all that attractive anymore. And it reminds me that I don’t really know the part Jennifer played in all their drama either. So, she’s just ok to me now, too.

Three actors. Playing parts in movies, I may enjoy; I may not enjoy. But that’s it. They’re just actors.


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