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Jon and Kate? Meet Fate!

I click on my yahoo page today and I see yet another headline about Jon and Kate. Enough already! Their 15 minutes of fame should have died episodes ago.

When the show first aired my mother and her sister (twins) loved the show. My younger sisters (twins) thought it was intriguing. (Yes, my mother,a twin, had twins. No, that’s an old wives tale that it skips generations.) It was on a few times before I finally gave it a try.

Now, I was an infertile woman who had been through all the non-invasive tests and tricks to get pregnant. Once things got invasive; I drew the line. As far as I was concerned, there were plenty of children already born who needed homes. If my body couldn’t have one I’d help a woman who couldn’t take care of her child.

So, here I sat. Watching a woman berate her husband for all the world to see and then, tears in her eyes, cry to America how stressful and expensive it was to raise 8 kids. Hmmmmm  Did multiples run in her family? (Evidently, it can when fraternal twins are involved – as with my family.) Nope. Fertility drugs.

You’ve got to be freaking kidding me. Seriously? You’re going to cry on national television about the stresses of raising such a large family and you ASKED for this?

Don’t get me wrong. This is America. You have the freedom to deal with your infertility in a myriad of ways. And I’m so glad that we all have these options because adoption isn’t for everyone. But be prepared for the consequences. Know that with fertility drugs you run the “risk” of a multiple birth. And how about before you take said fertility drugs you make sure you’re prepared to feed, clothe, love and care for any amount of children you may conceive and give birth to. Just a suggestion.

Please! Once I heard (because she cried about that too, how hard it was for them to have kids) having this many children was a conscious decision, THEIR choice, I turned it off. And predicted that America would turn them off, as well.

Boy, was I wrong. To date they’ve aired more than 100 episodes. How can this happen? The show I saw, Kate was so mean to her husband. She treated him like a child. I predicted that marriage to end in divorce back when the show first began. Is anyone else surprised? Did you not see that coming? Why are we still following this nightmare?  

Because it’s THEIR nightmare. Not ours. Someone else’s life is worse. But we, with our voyeurism fascination, have created a nightmare for the children. Don’t get me wrong. Ultimately, I blame Jon and Kate for putting their children in a fishbowl. But who is out there watching the fish?

Ok. I’ll step down off my soapbox now. Darn. I knew I couldn’t really make it a Wordless Wednesday!


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