See You in a Hundred Years

I’ve recommended this book enough times to a few of you individually that I think it’s time to share the love will all of you. I read a book  this past spring that is still with me. It isn’t the best written. But it is very entertaining. And for me, it was very thought provoking.

Lately I’ve been craving simplicity. I lived in a home built in 1950 and it was very much like my grandmother’s house. Every time I cautiously opened a closet, dodging items like a beatbox dancer, I’d think, “If my grandmother could do it why can’t I?” She raised two children in a home much the same size. She had a beautiful home. Filled with beautiful things. Every nook and cranny wasn’t filled. Her home was never cluttered. But we had stuff. Stuffed everywhere. There is a big difference between beautiful and stuff.

We’ve paired down quite a bit. Comparing my life with my grandmother’s, I look at purchases with renewed interest. I carefully consider it’s usefulness. We still have too much stuff but we’re making progress.

I was hooked on the PBS series Manor House, Frontier House and Texas Ranch House. I was fascinated with the simplicity of it all. No cell phones. No TV blaring 24/7. A cup of tea and a nice letter from a friend. It sounded all so charming.


I found See You in a Hundred Yearsby Logan Ward at the library one afternoon. I picked it up and devoured it. A family of three, disillusioned by big city life seeks the romantic, idyllic, simpler life of a farmer in the early 1900’s. The book chronicles their adventures and missteps. Soon they are overwhelmed by the complex, strenuous nature of survival. The stress that comes with a constant stream of information and connection is replaced with feelings of isolation and inadequacy. But the things they gain in their relationship and respect for community and history unfold.

This interesting read encouraged us to try a few Unplugged Sundays (no TV, computers, electronic games, phones). I try to cook more whole foods, purchased in season and buy locally. I appreciate modern medicine and the ability to have a cell phone at the ready. I’m inspired to send one “snail mail” card or letter per week. It has encouraged me to stop and watch a spider spin a web with my boys. It has taught me to slow down and appreciate how far we’ve come.


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12 responses to “See You in a Hundred Years

  1. Thank-you for this. It sounds interesting, and while I am already in the process of de-cluttering and cooking in a more wholesome fashion, the ‘sending one smail mail card or letter per week’ just struck me with the force of a nickel falling from a great height. I am totally doing it. Right now. I mean tomorrow. 🙂

  2. This is a book I could probably enjoy devouring as well. Like you, I am always trying to make my life simpler, less hectic. I find that I tend to shift my focus on local food, gardening and preparing food for my family as a way to get in touch with a simpler approach.

    The effort to get my family to enjoy a No TV ( is this during football season?), no cell phone, no electronic game Sunday…. A day to enjoy nothing but each other and quiet activity? Hmmm, they would think that was a sad fate for them. I would love it!

    • We just started our Unplugged Sundays this past spring and have only had a few of them. We haven’t tried one during football season yet. I have a feeling my husband is going to try to strategically plan that one!

  3. I’m in a constant state of decluttering. I think that the clutter is secretly breeding behind my back!

  4. Fascinating. It sounds like you’re making some great changes. I’ll have to look up that book.

  5. “Unplugged Sundays”… As the kids grow older and get closer and closer to become the cell-phone-TXT-MP3-What-I-Can’t-Hear-You generation, this idea is sounding more and more attractive, and indeed, necessary… I am just as bad an offender as the worst of the teenagers though. *Hangs head* Glad I found your blog!

  6. Ahhh simplicity. I could live without the TV and computer for one day but no air conditioning or heat would be an issue. Could I make my unplug day in October when the weather is perfect? 🙂

  7. Lee

    Sounds like a great book. I’ll have to go and get it!

  8. ck

    That’s a really good idea – trying to unplug the kids. TV is a crutch for me when they get crazy, especially on rainy or snowy days. I think it’s time to get creative and unplug. Maybe I’ll check out that book…

  9. YAY! I’m always looking for good books to read, because lately there hasn’t been much to find. Will be looking up for this soon! 😀

  10. Now I have to find the book. Do you think they have it on kindle or would that be too crass, reading about a family that takes a step back on modern electronics.
    I think unplug Sundays is a great idea.

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