Look Ma! Chocolate Cookies Are Healthy!

I love the psychology behind advertising. When I see an especially ridiculous ad on TV I’ll say to my husband, “Can you just imagine? A bunch of suits and shiny pumps, sitting around a huge oak table and they all thought THIS was a good idea?”

My husband loves it when an advertisement claims something is all natural. “So is arsenic,” he’ll mutter.

After spending an extra-ordinary amount of time on the computer this morning (darn you entertaining blog women out there!) I felt guilty about not spending enough face time with my boys. I suggested we make cookies! You can guess the response. So into the kitchen we go, discussing what kind of cookies we should make. Luckily, I have a chocoholic son and he suggested chocolate cookies with peanut butter chips. Perfect. I pull out all of the ingredients and lo and behold on the Hershey’s Cocoa Powder can is a cute little stamp of approval. “Natural Source of Flavanol Antioxidants” And on the back of the container is an informative little paragraph encouraging me to “enjoy in moderation as part of a healthy diet and active lifestyle.”


Who knew? Chocolate cookies are healthy! We measure. We pour. We stir. We scoop. We lick the bowl. We bake. We eat. Mmmmmmmm….and healthy, too!


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9 responses to “Look Ma! Chocolate Cookies Are Healthy!

  1. You have a great blog here!! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello!! Oh, and I love chocolate!!

  2. I am so glad to know that they are health food! Running to the cookie jar now…

  3. They actually say you should have some chocolate in your diet. Granted, it’s suppose to be dark, but milk chocolate has to be just as good, right?

  4. Chocolate is healthy in moderation. It is good for sore throats and upset stomachs. It is a good mood enhancer too. The down side is us. Too much of a good thing, and don’t we always want too much, will hurt you.

  5. That makes me the healthiest person I know!

  6. I’m with you! I can’t stand labels that say “Fat Free” for 100% sugar. Duh. How stupid do they think we are? I love this one: “So is arsenic!” Ha! I hope your husband’ll be ok with my borrowing it from now on. 🙂

  7. Lee

    Ohhh! I am so glad to know that they are healthy! That way, when I eat mine later, I will not feel guilty!!

  8. Remember when everything was low-fat? Or contained oat bran? Or whole wheat? Or no cholesterol? Or no trans-fats? Or organic? Saying that there are antioxidants in candy is the next big thing.

  9. angelcel

    We’ve become so trained to look at the labels on everything, what are producers of things like choccie and sugar to do but grasp at straws finding *something* good to say. It is all nonensene, isn’t it? 🙂

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