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You Like Me! You Really Like Me!

I was popping in on one of my favorite blog’s (Passions and Soapboxes) and I saw that she received an award. The “Your Blog Is Bloody Brilliant!” Award. Go Robin! She was sharing the love with some of her favorite bloggers. I was reading her list and saw some of my favorites, too. Then she started talking about Jane. And I thought, wow! Cool! Another Jane. Let’s check it out. Imagine my surprise when my blog popped up when I clicked the link. (Yes, I really am that naive.) Thank you, Robin, for liking my blog. I am still such a newbie here – so I am extra honored.


Sharing the love, I’d like to point you in the direction of a few of my favorite blogs. Or should I say a few more, because Robin took some of my other favorites. Ok, who am I kidding? I have way too many favorites. I wish I could just spill my entire Blog Favorites folder but I have to narrow it to five choices so here goes….

And the award goes to (drum roll, spotlight scans the list, sparkles dazzle us from your shiny titles, love your dress – who is the designer? Oooooo and your date is so handsome!)….

The Absence of Alternatives  – She makes me think. She makes me laugh. She makes me ponder the universe. She loves a healthy debate. I like how she shakes up my complacency.

Burp and Slurp – An amazing young woman with amazing insight and encourages you to think out of the box. And then has a yummy recipe to accompany her post. The photos make me want to run to my kitchen and create.

Country-Fried Mama – I suppose I identify with her because she is from the north and transplanted in the south, like me. Although, I’ve lived in the south now for 25 years – her adventure is a bit more fresh. But it’s fun to see the world through her eyes. And I’ve really enjoyed her Mmmm, Mmmm Memories meme.

Tomatoes on the Vine – A food blog with great stories, pictures and recipes. I love seeing what she’s going to cook up next.

The Zen of Motherhood – Fun. Interesting. Sensitive. A wonderful, eclectic mix of mom interesting stuff.

So there you go. My list of 5. And look at that! We didn’t have to pre-empt the evening news. Now go visit them and see what you think. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!


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