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The Greatest Day Ever!

The boys love to bathe in our master bath tub. And I like it too because I can fold laundry, put stuff away in our closets, clean the bathroom or tidy up our bedroom and be close to them while they play. Sometimes they forget I’m so close and they say the sweetest things. I remember last Christmas, after the holiday crash and burn, they were having a bath and I was putting away laundry in my closet. The closet door was shut and I could hear them commenting on their day so I paused to listen.

#2son: Hasn’t this been theĀ greatest day ever?

#1son: I guess so. Why?

#2son: Well! Our cousins are here. A warm bath. A game of Chutes and Ladders. A new dessert tonight. I don’t want this day to ever end!

Not one mention of the plethora of toys they received. Their “greatest day” was about playing with their cousins, trying a new dessert, enjoying a warm bath. The simple pleasures. All the “stuff” they received was secondary.

This is a beautiful reminder to enjoy each moment. Enjoy the simple joys in your day. Focus on the little stuff to get the big picture. Breathe. Relish. Savor.

Simple pleasures create the greatest days.


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