Wordless Wednesday



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9 responses to “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Oh the irony flooded my senses… LOL

  2. Well that’s a misnomer isn’t it……. 😀

  3. Guess it’s not severe until the sign is FULLY covered in water??

  4. A friend sent me this picture and we both found it hilarious since our parts have only recently been removed from any drought lists. And we’re still practicing mandatory water restrictions – so this sign covered in water is especially amusing.

  5. That is an excellent shot!

  6. Awesome, just awesome!

  7. You gotta love stuff like that. This pic had me giggling like a teenager…I am easily amused, sure, but this was great.

  8. angelcel

    Hahaha…yep, we’re officially in a drought situation here too and yet since Monday you’d never guess it!

  9. Too funny! We’ve been on restiction for several years – despite the weatherman telling me everyweek that the water basins are well over normal.

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