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Sharin’ the Love

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but someone else (out of the 23 people that stumble here by mistake on any given day) thought I was Blog Worthy. Ok, I’m blushing now. So, thank you Chris and Evie’s Mommy at Raising Irish Twins. I’m honored that you think I have a lovely blog. In turn, I’d like to point you all in the directions of  a few of the many that I try to check out daily.

More Lovely Blogs……


AC’s Scrapbook – I love her photography and I love her posts.

Bad Mommy Moments – The title is what lured me. The writing got me hooked. She’s funny and says things I think all the time but may be too afraid to say out loud.

Faemom – She’s bright, articulate, funny and oh so interesting. I enjoy checking in with her daily.

Meeche & Joe – A very new blog with entertaining, well-told stories. Please welcome them by dropping by!

My Wildlife’s Words – Jennifer’s posts are interesting told from the perspective of a wildlife biologist. Not all of her posts pertain to biology – directly, anyway- but I like the spin she has on things.

Please take a peek and see what you think! They truly are Lovely Blogs!


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