Increase Your Blog Traffic in Just 16 Key Strokes!

Want more traffic to your blog? I know how to get it. Shhhhh……lean in and I’ll whisper it in your ear. Closer…closer….there. The secret? Mention a celebrity name in your blog.

I auto-posted my post for Saturday – the one with the awards I received and passed along to other bloggers. And in that post I mentioned 7 random facts about myself. When I got  up the next morning I logged on to alert my recipients of their award and visits to my blog were nearly off the charts – for me, anyway.

I was honored. Touched. You DO like me! And then I started brainstorming – people must have loved what I said about the model industry or our perception of the world we live in. That must be it! I am the prolific writer I always strived to be (ok, for the last two months anyway.)

But after further investigation I realized most of my hits were from some celebrity siting website and they were currently discussing a Kiefer Sutherland siting. I mentioned Kiefer (yeah, we’re on a first name basis) in my last post.


I thought I’d made it in Bloggy World. But I’m just a shameless name dropper. The kind you avoid at parties.


Just think of the traffic I would have received had I mentioned Taylor Swift, Michael Jackson or Megan Fox?

People Megan FoxPeople Taylor SwiftBRITAIN Michael Jackson Single

(Oooooo…I’m shameless that way.)


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22 responses to “Increase Your Blog Traffic in Just 16 Key Strokes!

  1. ck

    My husband once mentioned Jamie Lee Curtis in one of this blogs and for about a month got about 600 hits per day from websites searching JLC. It was really strange, especially since she wasn’t in the news.

  2. LOL! That is too funny. And thanks for the tip!

  3. I have that with one of my other blogs. The sad thing is, I was excited even though I knew they weren’t interested in my blog at all. A bit like getting a wrong number on the telephone. If no ones rung the number all day, you are just happy to hear the damn thing go at all, even if they don’t want to speak to you! 😀

  4. No, no, no, honey…as long as you are going for the big guns, you gotta mention Robert Pattinson!! Or the Jonas Brothers! 🙂

  5. angelcel

    Yeah, well I think I told you about my ‘no knickers’ visitors. It’s both strangely comforting but also annoying and slightly depressing.

    Hey, do the search engines comb the comments section of posts too I wonder? If so, you could be in for a bumper stats night. 🙂 If so, can I add to it a bit more? ‘Angelina’, ‘Brad’, ‘Britney’ Prince William’, oh, and here’s a good one to add to the mix: ‘sausage’. See what they make of that little lot. (Sorry…was that really too silly)?

  6. LOL! LOL! So, that’s how it works!! Too funny!!

  7. LOL! You people always make me laugh. Oh, and by the way… stellar hits today. Zip. Nada. Even with ck, KitchenWitch and angelcel’s “suggestions.” Oh well. Back to the drawing board!

  8. Wow! imagine if your blog title included a celebrity name or celebrity like name. Ha! Funny.

  9. Ah, good tip. Now who to pick…

  10. Nicely done! 😉 Is it just me? I cannot stand Megan Fox. Some magazine dared to compare her to Marilyn Monroe and I threw up in my mouth. And this has nothing to do with me being jealous. I love a good-looking woman who does not appear to be retarded in every single picture…

    • Ok – confession time… I don’t even know who Megan Fox is. Yahoo just said she was one of the top searches for the day that I wrote this post. To me she just looks like an Angelina Jolie wanna be look alike – you know, from her dark years.

  11. Very funny! I once mentioned Heather Armstrong in a post and was flooded with hits…….and then they left. lol.

  12. Now, I get it! I think I will mention the Rolling Stones or Bruce Springsteen.

  13. Knightwalker

    if you want hits from Taylor have to talk about something to do with her like (Taylor Swift dating Taylor Lautner, new photos confirm it!) or something. Best to have a couple photos in there too. Most celeb fans are really savvy about their particular favorite and if you just post the name in your blog with no relevant information, you won’t be linked to and that is where most of the hits come from.

  14. Steven Harris

    It doesn’t work so well if you mention a lame celebrity like Jerry lewis, though.

  15. I think Megan Fox was in “Transformers” the movie version. Blog traffic is so strange, some days your hot, some days your not and apparently Kiefer is hotter than Megan although my son would disagree…..strongly.

  16. Got it. Will mention Zac Efron first chance I get.

  17. LOL..I am sooo going to have to try this! Maybe make a fake post title… first I have to be able to get back on blogger.. think it is down across Scandinavia… ARGH!

  18. TOO FUNNY…. I say it cause I know its true. A couple of weekes ago I started my Friday Favorites posts. In the first one I mention “Hells Kitchen” I get so many people who google hells kitchen coming to my site its crazy !!

    By the way I’m loving your blog…thanks for stopping by mine !

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