Wordless Wednesday – Family History



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13 responses to “Wordless Wednesday – Family History

  1. Great picture! I love old photos.

  2. There is nothing like those vintage pictures!

  3. Thanks for your comments. I felt a bit weird posting this but I know I’ve stopped by some of your blogs and seen pictures that inspired me in some way. This one is of my great- aunt and great-grandmother. And because that side of the family has such a sunny view of life I felt this picture really captured that. Thanks for peeking in!

  4. angelcel

    I love old photos too. They’re like windows into another time.

  5. I just love that they’re so happy; people often look so serious in the old photos, making us think life wasn’t as much fun. Great photo!

  6. That is a great photo. My younger daughter has a friend called Florence and I always think what a great name it is.

  7. I heart it! Have you visited this really neat website called http://myparentswereawesome.tumblr.com/ where people posted old pictures of their folks? It makes my heart swell. I hope my kids will remember me fondly thus as well.

  8. I love vintage pictures. Even more than that… I LOVE CANDY CORN!! I love that header pic.

    Off to sneak a few candy corn from the stash I have hidden in my office 🙂

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  10. I love old photos! I can look at them for hours. It’s so amazing to peek into our past and imagine how life used to be…

  11. Old photos are the best. Have you ever thought that someday our grandchildren will be looking at old photos and they will be of us. 😀

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