Heard While Trying to Concentrate on a Much More Prolific Post

#2son – We were made to play Legos!

#1son – You are under arrest for making too good a starship…..Can you make me one?

#2son – It’s easy! Just do step one, two, three and you’re done!

#1son – Dooo, doo, doh, doh, doh,  (high pitched whistling)

#2son – Tarter Sauce! I wanted to play with that train! (Oops…I think they’re watching too much Spongebob)

#1son – Chugga, chugga, toot, toot! Ha, ha – get it? Toot? Like you tooted? Did you toot? Hey, I can toot on purpose!

#2son – Brrrrrrmm. Brrrrrrrmm. Brrrrrrrmm. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmm.

#1son – Don’t forget to flush! That’s gross!

#2son- When I was a baby I didn’t need this much fun!

#1son- Pshhhhhh. Boot. Boot. Boot. Pshhhhhh.  (What IS IT with boys and sound effects?)

#2son – Arrrrrrr, Matey! Wanna sail the seven seas with me? Ask mom if we can take a bath.

#2son – MOM! Do you have any  knives? We want to see if this is magnetic.


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13 responses to “Heard While Trying to Concentrate on a Much More Prolific Post

  1. TheLocalsLoveIt

    The joy of boys! Too cute.

  2. Next they’ll be asking you if they can take the electric toaster into the bath with them to see if it will float.

    So did you sharpen the knives before you gave them to them? 😉

  3. Sounds like my house! 🙂

  4. MOM! do you have any knives?

    Classic. Silas asked me this morning if being a professional knife sharpener was a viable career. I told him about being a butcher or a surgeon and he was quite upset that most knife related jobs would require the sight of lots of blood… so I think he’s hoping to just open a knife-sharpening storefront. I wonder if such places exist? I’ve never seen a knife sharpening business.

  5. I couldn’t make that stuff up! They are too funny!

  6. OH. MY. GOSH! The part about the knives left me with a stitch in my side! Kids are hilarious… and what makes them even more funny is that they have no idea just HOW funny they really are!


  7. LOL!! Boys say the darndest things!! Or should I say make the darndest sounds!! LOL!! Big and little boys!!

  8. Sounds similar to a conversation between my husband and his brother, both about 4o years old.

  9. ck

    So THAT’S what it’s like to have boys! I’ve always been kinda curious…

  10. Boys and their toys. Big or little it’s all the same and somewhere there will be horseplay involved.

  11. Do you have any knives? Classic! Boys are a trip!

  12. Seems to me I once heard a similar conversation while driving my boyfriend (who I later married) and two of his friends home from the bar.

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