Get Your Wrinkled Boobs Right Here At Theycallmejane’s Blog! Hurry! Get ‘Em While They Last!

Ok. That does it. Wrinkled Boobs. You heard me right. Somebody searched for wrinkled boobs and they were directed to my blog. First of all, wrinkled boobs? Are you kidding me? Why? Why in God’s name are you searching wrinkled boobs? I can’t stop giggling. That is just weirder than weird. Second, why in the world were you directed to my blog? I can’t, for the life of me, figure out what I could have possibly written that had both wrinkled and boobs in it.

We all tossed around this idea before and I’m just making it official….I have an assignment for all of you out there: Over the next week start collecting your strangest, wildest search engine terms – the terms people used to find your blog. On Friday, November 13 let’s all meet back here and share. I’ll post some of my crazy ones and you can leave a comment posting yours. Or, if you’ve written about it, as well, please comment here so we can run over to your blog and check it out. If you can figure out which post it may have referred to – go ahead and include that as well.

This should be very entertaining! I’m looking forward to seeing what pops up!

(Update: If you Google “wrinkled boobs” 1.1 million results pop up and I’m #1!)


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32 responses to “Get Your Wrinkled Boobs Right Here At Theycallmejane’s Blog! Hurry! Get ‘Em While They Last!

  1. I just wanted to indirectly thank you for the kreativ blogger award…you gave it to IttyBitty Crazy…and she gave it to me.

    So……thanks! 🙂

    (and be glad its only wrinkled books they’re searching for…)

  2. Okay, I don’t even know how to do that! Is that bad??

  3. Steven Harris

    How bizarre. I usually find that people have been looking for Planet Hollywood – I assume their spelling is not all that great.

  4. Wrinkled boobs? Seriously? I am laughing my ass off over here!

    And I don’t know how to do that, either? And alas, I’m a Blogger person 😦 But I can’t wait to hear the funny stories!

  5. Better than “Big Vaginas” 🙂

  6. They (the boobs) brought me directly to this post!

  7. angelcel

    I doubt very much that I can beat ‘wrinkled boobs’ but I will look, and I look forward to seeing what others get. 🙂

  8. Oh thank goodness — I was afraid to click over here when I read the post title.

    I don’t know how to do it (I’m on blogspot) but I remember Alison from Party of 3 did a funny one once. Something about rabid squirrels or something. I’d be glad if anything directed anybody to my blog, ever.

  9. LisaF

    Thanks for making me giggle today. A good way to end the week.

  10. Funny, I just posted about this a couple of days ago. ‘Warm cheesy’ and ‘mom son sleep naked’ were two of some various ridiculous terms. Some of them, I have no clue as to why I’m even remotely relevant.

  11. Oh my! I can’t stop laughing! If I had said “wrinkled boobs” I would not be searching for more! How funny I will have to check my analytics and hope I can top this, but I doubt it.

  12. LOL!

    Doesn’t anyone listen to me? I’ve been saying this all along. “Wrinkled boobs this” and “wrinkled boobs that.” I don’t think a day has gone by I haven’t thought about “wrinkled boobs.” Erm, on second thought, that doesn’t make me responsible, does it?

    Whatever. All hail Number One! 🙂

    I must say, your efforts are jaw dropping and have given me some inspiration. I, too, will be going after my own unique phrase. Alas, I can’t repeat the phrase here. That would be very bad form. And I want it to be a surprise! 🙂

  13. Congratulations on being number 1 on google search! Lots of companies shell out big dollars to get to that position. 😉 So which one of your posts got the Wrinkled Boobs? Did I miss a GREAT post?! And why were YOU talking about wrinkled boobs (before this post)? LOL. Sounds like a fun project. I am in! (Well, if there are fun search terms for me. So far. Zero.)

  14. By the way, should we make a “badge” for wrinkled boobs? And we could all “grab” the badge to be proud participants? 😉

  15. Too funny Jane (snort). I never get the good stuff in my search terms.

  16. I thought people avoided wrinkled boobs, not search them out.
    I guess I’ll have to start looking at my stats more.

  17. HAHAHA!!!! I’m looking forward to reading the replies Friday!

  18. ck

    Wow – and I thought the search term “dog peeing while humping” was impressive, but I was wrong. “Wrinkled boobs” is MUCH cooler. hahahahahaha!

    I’ll see you back here on the 13th. GAME ON.

  19. Another creative and collaborative effort. I will be back on the 13th (and before). Cheers to the rueful randomness of this enigmatic space (oh, and to the mystery of wrinkled boobs!)

  20. Steven Harris

    An odd-seeming one came up on my pages today: someone had found one of my blogs after searching for ‘gigs in shitholes’. It’s not quite so odd when you realise I was a musician for many years and gigged in plenty of unsavoury venues.

  21. Hey, do you happen to know how to search for this if you are on blogger? Love the idea.

  22. You said let’s meet back here on Nov. 13th and share. Does that mean I should wait for a new post? Or add it here. Oh darn, I’m too excited to wait.

    My most intriguing incoming search so far:

    cow goes poop

    I can’t imagine a reason in the world why anyone would search for that. 🙂

  23. I’ve had “butt lift in a box,” “hauling ass,” and “Kudzu and Viagra.”

    And oh yes. . . “cat with knee replacement.”

    But darn, I don’t think I’ve ever been #1.

    If you feel like a boob, I guess that makes me a real ass.

    See you online Friday. Fun!

    • Thanks! I complete forgot about the #1 angle. I just went and checked “cow goes poop” in Google and guess what? I am #1. At last, I’m finally somebody!

      And I like your terms, too. Now I’m very curious about your blog. 🙂

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