An Artist I’m Not – But He Is

I wish I was crafty. I wish I could sew or knit. I wish I could paint. I wish I could draw. My students used to make fun of the drawings I’d create to illustrate word problems (I taught Algebra.) I love art and am continually amazed at the beautiful creations out there.

I received this in an email and I was mesmerized. I’m not familiar with David Garibaldi. He’s a performance artist that is known for much more than his Disney art – but that’s what drew me in. This is absolutely fascinating.

He mentions Denny Dent as an inspiration. Here’s some of his work.

So cool!


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7 responses to “An Artist I’m Not – But He Is

  1. These are beyond awesome. Performance arts indeed. (Hold on while I do my adoring fan scream for Jimi Hendrix) It’s also interesting comparing the two artists’ styles: one is raw, uninhibited, frenzied, bordering on anti-establishment, whereas Garibaldi’s performance has been safely contained, at least in this segment produced for Disney. I smiled at the shot of the audience too: mostly females. 😉

  2. Joe

    This is really cool, thanks for sharing this. I’m a numbers guy, and being artistic is always something I wish I could be better at. I think I started a blog to try to accomplish this in one way or another.

    This stuff reminds me of Blue Man Group. Have you seen them before? If not, it will blow your mind.

  3. Damn I can’t see it on my old computer!

  4. unabridgedgirl

    I wish that I could draw or something like that, too! Stuff like this is just amazing.

  5. Love this. Love the juxtaposition here. I wish I were crafty too. If only.

  6. I just want to dunk my hands in buckets of paint….I would just make a mess, though. Very neat!!

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