Wordless Wednesday – Fall Color


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15 responses to “Wordless Wednesday – Fall Color

  1. Pansies! My favorite! I miss them…no sign of that kind of beauty here 😦

  2. Gotta love them pansies! They keep going strong, even in this island wind…

  3. I love pansies. Unfortunately, so do the deer and bunnies. Thanks for sharing yours. They are lovely.

  4. I haven’t planted any yet…my impatiens are still blooming and I haven’t had the heart to yank them out. Your garden will be lovely and mine will probably feature squishy, slimy, frozen impatiens soon. (sigh)

  5. So, so pretty!! That would make an awesome print to hang!

  6. Steven Harris

    My favourite colour. A nice spot of brightness in a drak evening over here 😀

  7. Nice picture! You’ve got mad photography skills. 🙂

  8. Beautiful colors! New reader and look forward to reading more!

  9. unabridgedgirl

    Oh, very pretty and bright!

  10. What a lovely photograph!

    We (meaning mostly my husband) like do do landscaping in our yard and usually have lots of pretty flowers dotting the lawn. Sadly, the frost came early this year and has killed most of them. But there are a couple of tough ones that are still boasting their colors!

  11. What vibrant colors. I love photographs that use color well.

  12. submom

    I look forward to Wednesdays now. I wonder why?

  13. Oh, how pretty. I love pretty colors like this! It makes me very thankful for the beautiful world in which we live!

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