Wordless Wednesday – Do You Know What It Is?


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25 responses to “Wordless Wednesday – Do You Know What It Is?

  1. Steven Harris

    It’s some manic fly-swatters.

  2. Star Wars characters with light sabers?

  3. Clearly that character on the right must be Darth Maul with a mohawk. Either that or it’s a pretty serious head gash squirting enormous amounts of blood. Yeah, let’s stick with the mohawk theory. 🙂

  4. I don’t know, but it’s cute!

  5. I was going to guess light sabers, but someone beat me to the punch. But I swear I knew it the minute I saw it, comes with the territory of growing up with Star Wars.

  6. Of course, the colors gave it away.
    My son would be so proud of me…

  7. Dumb me! I never even thought of Star Wars! I thought…dudes directing airplanes on the tarmac?

  8. I was thinking Olympic Torch, but I guess there are too many….

  9. Cute! I am not much of a star wars fan, so I would have never figured it out but now it seems obvious!

  10. It’s one heck of a bad hair day for that third dude.

    • I had thought he was Darth Maul but that can’t be because his light saber isn’t red and/or dual edged and that would not be canon.

      Red = Sith
      Blue/Green = Jedi
      Purple = Mace Windu

      So the good news is that the child that drew this picture only drew the “good guys.” 🙂

      • That’s so funny that you should notice that. I’m not the big Star Wars fan (my husband is, and now of course the boys, too). But because I’m uncomfortable with guns, weapons, bad guys in general – I’m always telling them they can play with their light sabers but only for good. So I’ll bet you’re right – these probably are only the good guys!

      • LOL! And my final thoughts on this:

        How come one guy is unarmed? 🙂

        And how come another guy has four arms? That must be General Grievous who is able to wield four lightsabers at once! And yes, he collects lighsabers so it is possible he’d have Jedi colors. 🙂

  11. Kristin

    That cheered me up a little….thanks!

  12. I love all the space at the top of the paper! When I was an art teacher I was always trying to get the kids to fill the whole sheet with their drawings, but few of them did! 😀

  13. unabridgedgirl

    That is so cute! It made me laugh.

  14. submom

    I was going to guess audience with lighters at a U2 concert? It’s impressive that PP was able to guess the correct answer. Great picture. Love it!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  15. It’s light sabers and very good ones too.

  16. Star Wars with light sabers?

    (Totally cheated because I read the foregoing comments. At least I am being honest about it.)

    Great picture!

  17. Since my son is obsessed with Star Wars, I’m going with that — light sabers and the men who use them. 🙂

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