Happy Birthday to Me and I Need A Little Help From My Friends

Go, me! It’s my birthday! And surely it will snow somewhere (not here) in honor of this glorious day. That was a little joke my grandmother and I had. Remember, I moved south of the Mason Dixon line 25 years ago. And on my birthday it would often snow where I used to live. My grandmother would always call, wish me a happy birthday and give me the weather report.

I love snow. Looking at it. From inside a cozy room with a fire lit in the fireplace with plenty of snacks and good books nearby. Living in it? Nope. Not so much. I left snow all those years ago and have never looked back. Don’t get me wrong. It’s gorgeous. But I lived in Michigan. It could snow as early as October and as late as April. There’s a joke that Michigan has two seasons, Winter and Construction. A newspaper columnist, Bob Talbert, once said, “You know you’re from Michigan when one of your kid’s Little League games has been snowed out.” Mine was! Ahh, the good ‘ole days. Bundled in your snowsuit underneath your Halloween costume. Pouring salt on your windshield. Sloshing through slush. The dirty, yucky, filthy snow that lingers well beyond that first virgin snow. The long winter days and days and days and days without a glimpse of the sun. No thank you. Not for me.

But it’s my birthday! Happy thoughts! I’m going to savor every moment. Eat cake. AND ice cream. Open a couple presents. Hug my kids. Kiss my husband. Relax. And enjoy.

But first….I need your help. A little birthday gift to me, you might say. My 100th post is coming up this Monday – that is, if I stay on my self-imposed schedule of 6 posts per week, taking Sundays off. And I have NO CLUE how to commemorate the momentous occasion. So I’m snagging an idea from Steven (thanks, Steven!) and asking for suggestions from my blog friends. I’m telling you right now that the “100 Things About Me” idea is out. I am much too boring for such a post. Trust me, your eyes will glaze over by item #14. Suggest a topic, suggest a question you want me to answer – any and all suggestions will be considered!

Thanks, all! And have a little cake today – it’s my birthday!


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23 responses to “Happy Birthday to Me and I Need A Little Help From My Friends

  1. Happy birthday! We have snow on the ground! Although technically, it fell yesterday 🙂 I, too, have weathered spring-sports snowouts!


    -Tell us about your first crush
    -Tell us about your most memorable kiss
    -Tell us the story of you and your hubs
    -Tell us a childbirth story

  2. Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day! Any topic that TKW suggested sounds good to me.

  3. Jane, I would read ANYTHING you write, so take your pick!
    And Happy Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday!

    Well as a new reader I’d like to hear more about your kids. I’m sure I read that your daughter is adopted?

    I’m adopted, with 2 adopted girls, so I kind of have a double perspective on this. Also you may inspire me to write more about my views on the subject too!

  5. Oh, Oh, Oh…….I wanna hear about funny “birthday suit” stories…..bet you have 1 or 2….yours or someones else’s…..or you photoshop one from all different kinds of people (modesty patches in place, of course):)…just sayin’….could be funny.

  6. unabridgedgirl

    Happy, Happy Birthday to You! (Insert various party noises and confetti throwing here.) I hope you have a wonderful day of celebrating you!

    I don’t have any ideas for your 100th. 😦

  7. LisaF

    How about asking your avid readers which of your 100 blog posts is their favorite? Then you could post the results for your 101st entry.

  8. Happy Birthday! I always enjoy hearing why people blog, what it provides for them, and what they have learned so far – which makes me a big nerd. Either way, I’ll be reading!

  9. I like Nicole’s idea.

    Happy Birthday!

  10. Happy Birthday!
    You know you’ll be surprised how many things add up to a 100 things about you. I didn’t think I would make it passed 40.
    So why do they call you Jane? If you could be any flower, what would it be? Would you rather be hit by lightening or with a tax audit? If you could meet one person, who would it be? If you could get away with one murder, would you do it? If yes, who?

  11. We have an itty bit of snow predicted for the weekend; just the right amount for me. Shall I mail you some?

    (Happy 100th!)

  12. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your sunny day. I too can do without the snow and cold! My suggestion? Since it is just your B-day and it will be your 100th, how about telling us what you expect, dream, hope, want, think you will be doing on you 100th birthday?

  13. Thank you, thank you, thank you ALL for the birthday wishes! And I love your 100 post ideas. All of them. But if I attempt them all I’d have to start writing this very instant….soooooooo…if you don’t mind (still can’t get over what a great (stolen) idea this was) I’m going to pick one, save the rest and use them for when I’m stuck on other posts. So, keep the ideas coming!

    LLCoolJoe – love that idea. Did not know that your family is touched by adoption. I hope you DO write a bit about that. I’d love to hear your thoughts.
    Jennifer – Ahhh, if only I were that talented with photoshop! The stories my pictures would tell…
    Faemom – I actually gasped at your struck by lightening vs. tax audit question, quickly chose one and then said no, the other, nope the other one – went back and forth and I honestly can’t choose. Great questions!
    CountryFriedMama – We actually have snow predicted for this weekend (in honor of my birthday, of course) as well. We must be neighbors. If we don’t get any here, I’ll let you know!
    Lori – Intriguing idea. I think that may be the one I go with on Monday.

  14. Happy Birthday! I love all your posts! I don’t have any suggestions but I know you’ll come up with something brilliant! 🙂

  15. Happy birthday, Jane! We had flurries here in the Midwest today in your honor. (I’m not in Michigan, but close enough…)

    I’m terrible at coming up with these ideas, but will throw a few into the mix, trying to keep the base 10 theme going:

    ~ If you won 100 dollars, what would you do with it? (Probably more fun with $100,000 or $100,000,000!)
    ~ Summarize the experience of writing your first 100 posts in exactly 100 words.
    ~ Where do you hope to be (physically, emotionally, intellectually) when you reach post 1000?

  16. Happy birthday!

    Write a post about what you will be doing on your 100th birthday. Will you still be blogging? Will you be back living in a land of snow? Will you be surrounded by scores of grandkids and great-grandkids? I want to know.

    Hope the day was delicious!

  17. Happy birthday! (And it snowed here today for you.) The Beatles’ video had me giggling! =)

  18. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! My dad also lived in Michigan as a kid. He said the winters were just awful. Ohhh the stories he would tell me… But anyway, I like reading whatever you have to write about! I liked TKW’s suggestions, too.

  19. Steven Harris

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday. Lots of love from across the pond. x

  20. endofera

    Birthdays always remind me of the ticking time bomb of things you haven’t done…that life list you secretly made when you were 17…things like hopping on a train to see where you end up…climbing that mountain that seemed impossible to climb…learning something new each day….the life list of your dreams. I have one of those impossible life list ambitions of travelling through eastern Europe in the lates 80’s with a really good camera and limitless amounts of black and white film doing a piece for Rolling Stone magazine….What’s yours??

  21. Happy Birthday (a little late)! 🙂

    What is the best book you’ve read in 2009? And why did you like it? (okay, that’s two but sort of one!)

  22. Happy Birthday Jane!! Woo Hoo! I honestly can’t think of a thing for your 100th post. I know you love music so how about your favorite playlist, your top 100.:D

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