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Timed Traffic Signals – Not Rocket Science People!

As I mentioned before I lived my childhood in Michigan. I was born in Detroit. The Motor City.  Henry Ford. Birth of the mass-produced, assembly line automobile. Cars, cars and more cars. Traffic there exists, sure. But the lights are timed. When I was a kid I remember traveling down 8 mile road going miles and miles without ever being stopped by a traffic light. Timed traffic signals allow for an easy flow of traffic. Less accidents. Better gas mileage. Happier drivers.

You people in the south need to catch up already! I moved here 25 years ago and noticed that you hadn’t picked up on this useful bit of technology. Since your fashion sense was about 10 years behind I figured it may take a while to catch up with the north. Then I find out from other transplants that your northern towns didn’t utilize timed traffic signals yet, either. What? Are you kidding me? This wasn’t a North vs. South kind of thing? Detroit has been on to something and it hasn’t caught on nationwide?  No wonder that poor state is in the mess that it’s in. It can’t even market something as ingenious as timed traffic signals.

Stop. Go. Stop. Go. Stop. Go. Stop. Go. That was my day today, running errands. Stop at a red light. Go 100 yards. Stop at another traffic light. Go 100 yards. Stop again. And on and on it goes. Ridiculous! It can’t be that hard to time the traffic signals. But since it is…I’m going back to bed. I don’t need this today.


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