Wordless Wednesday – Not Wordless, I Know But I Just Couldn’t Resist


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15 responses to “Wordless Wednesday – Not Wordless, I Know But I Just Couldn’t Resist

  1. This agnostic grammar nerd is giggling…

  2. The nuns who taught me grammar would have mixed feelings about this sign. 🙂

  3. Joe

    There’s a church near where I live which puts these signs up, and I always slow down to read them and complain about them. This won’s great, though.

  4. HA! Too funny. I love church signs. There was a church near where I lived in Edmonton. The Orthodox Reformed Church.

    Whaaaaat? I almost wanted to attend a service to see how they handled that juggling act.

  5. Un-Effect/Affect-ive sign….but very funny:)

  6. This drives me insane. Level of education is seriously in question now!

  7. Tee-hee 🙂

    Great catch!

  8. unabridgedgirl


  9. Clearly, the church (or at least sign maker) are full of sin. That’s not just a grammatical error…that’s the Devil speaking right there. 😉

  10. Steven Harris

    If God is omnipresent, how come he wasn’t reading a book of grammar at the same time as inspiring this sign?

  11. I think the words above the sign are equally interesting. While I am a christian I have never laid my eyes on Jesus and if I did they would institutionalize me. Plus I don’t want my heart anywhere near a cross, sounds dangerous. 😀

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