In the News – Whaaaaa?

I’ll never forget when my parents moved to a small town just after retirement and my father opened up the local paper. Front page news – Man Indicted In Puppy Abuse Case. Now abusing puppies is a horrible, despicable thing. This man ran a puppy mill and the poor animals lived in horrid conditions. But my father had just moved from the murder capital of the world. “Now this is where I want to live, ” he said, “Where the worst you see in the headlines is puppy abuse and everyone is up in arms.”

There are days that I avoid reading the news. I just don’t want to know what’s out there. I remember a journal entry I wrote just after my daughter arrived. I wrote “I haven’t seen the news in days. I haven’t read a newspaper. I saw something on t.v. last night. It seems there’s something huge going on in the Middle East and we’re in the middle of it. But I have no idea what it is and I really don’t care.” To this day I have no idea what I was talking about because the Gulf War had ended.

What I find startling is the fact that as soon as my child arrived I tuned out the world. This is/was so against my nature. I was a news junkie in college. The university I went to was huge. The campus was massive. Many days it made no sense to run back and forth between my apartment and campus between classes. So I went to the library. And because I’m the master at procrastination, instead of doing homework I’d read newspapers. And a lot of ’em. On any typical day I would read, scan, peruse the school paper (which was a daily), the local paper, two major papers from the largest city in the state and one major paper from out-of-state, usually The New York Times. I loved finding the different takes on world events based on whether the paper was conservative or liberal. I like analyzing why one paper chose to include certain information, why another would leave it out. Who got the best quotes? Which story broke first?

But then children. And three of them. I have little time to scan 5 newspapers a day. But I have the internet! And you wouldn’t believe what’s out there today! C’mon, I’ll show you…..

HIV-Positive Man Injects Sleeping Wife – I’m a deep sleeper. This scares me. Thank goodness my husband doesn’t have HIV.

Bill O’Reilly Outraged By Law & Order Episode – Seriously? This is news? Bill O’Reilly = Conservative. And as much as I don’t like over-the-top, extreme views in a medium that is supposed to be entertainment yes, Law & Order = Liberal.  And Bill O’Reilly is surprised?

Blair: I Would Have Removed Saddam Hussein Anyway – Ok. This isn’t shocking news. It’s just good to see that Blair doesn’t switch rhetoric to appease the climate.

Americans Arrested in Pakistan Had Bright Futures – And in the very first sentence they’re described as “wholesome.” Wholesome? Since when is a jihad wholesome?

Jon Stewart Calls Out Gretchen Carlson For “Dumbing Herself Down” – Good for him. Apparently, she ‘admits’ to googling the words ‘ignormous’ and ‘czar,’ trying to appear as if she’s just another mom trying to make sense of this crazy world. Apparently, she has a degree from Stanford and is a classically trained violinist. First of all, us moms out here? We’re not stupid…OR ignoramouses. Second? Oh forget…I’ve lost interest.

Chinese Man Gets Remote Control Stuck in Bottom After Drunk Prank –  There are even x-rays to prove it! I’m not kidding!

So there you have it. Top stories of the day. And you’ll notice I left out the plethora of Tiger Woods stories still circling. That news was so…….yesterday.


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20 responses to “In the News – Whaaaaa?

  1. I’ve been trying to compose a post about why the heck Tiger Woods’ dilly-dallying is “news” and I think you just wrote it for me. The news is either depressing or ridiculous, so I avoid it, too.

  2. Ha! So true. I’m actually the reverse — in university I had no idea what was going on in the world because I was a homework keener and lived in residence, which was its own little insular microcosm. Now I get a newspaper or two every day and can’t bear to throw them out until I’ve at least looked at every page. Man, the stupid stuff my brain would be clogged with, if I still had a memory….

  3. suzicate

    Sometimes the news is just so depressing or stupid, we have to skip it to save our own sanity!

  4. Mel

    I’m a compulsive newsie – papers, internet, tv. It’s overwhelmingly depressing around the holidays, and everyday. Last night, I made myself stop reading the more gruesome news and skipped right to the editorials to keep my blood pressure up! I can’t help myself, I feel like it’s my civic duty to try and stay informed, and that ignorance is the cancer eating away at democracy, but I’m either going to have to take a news break or go insane.

    Thanks for the funny links, and the remote – ewww!

  5. Steven Harris

    Blair was, much like George W., convinced that God wanted him to act to remove Saddam from power. I’d love to have been a fly on the wall at the governmental meeting when they decided to go to war.
    Gordon Brown: Tony, why are we going to attack Iraq?
    Tony: Because God wants me to.
    Gordon: Er, Tony, not everyone here is a Christian.
    Tony: That’s ok, God forgives them. as long as they agree to go to war of course.

    • You make me laugh! And to be a fly on the wall here in the U.S. –

      Phone call with Tony Blair …

      Blair: Now WHY are we going to attack Iraq again?
      “W” : ’cause Daddy said so.

  6. I follow some news so that I can have a conversation that isn’t about parenting. But when something like Tiger Woods takes over, I turn off the television. But I heart Jon Stewart. My dream is to go see The Daily Show taping, and God willing, throw my underwear at him. Though I better through some pre-pregnancy, college-size ones.

  7. “HIV-Positive Man Injects Sleeping Wife” and “Chinese Man Gets Remote Control Stuck in Bottom After Drunk Prank” are unbelievable! I never read the news either. I still have no idea of the details about Tiger Wood’s drama!

  8. Twitter is 100 times worse. It’s like putting fuel on ADHD fire…

  9. I am sad to say that when my son was born I basically stopped watching the news (with the exception of 9/11). Not by choice. By circumstance. He’s now almost 10 and I am finally able to sneak in a 6pm news now and then. It was tough not knowing (or caring) what was going on in the worl.d

  10. I never really read the news…and I’m an aspiring journalist…it’s just that alot of the news just plain depresses me, and they’re the same things over and over again.

    By the way, check out this one:

  11. where i live the local news is laughable. a few months back i clipped and posted the crime log heading that read ‘teen swears at cop.’ i’m from l.a., so that made me laugh.

  12. I try and talk about what’s going on with my kids. My older daughter is a serious news junkie. She’s always emailing me links or asking me what I think about political things. So now she does quite a bit of the work for me!

  13. I guess I know where to look the next time that I can’t find the remote!

  14. Sometimes I look at the headlines and just shake my head…this shit is so crazy, you couldn’t MAKE it up.

  15. I feel the need to be in tune to current events both here at home and abroad. I get my news fix each morning via NPR on my car ride to work. On the way home, I tune into in NPR once again. At home, if there is something significant goin on, I may then tune into CNN or MSNBC. If I am really looking for my fix on an event, then I go into a overdose of Jon Stewart, Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews. I am a borderline news junkie 🙂 I will tune into Fox news to hear what my conservative friends are saying but, honestly, I can only take Fox news in small doses. It’s too extreme for me, and the sky is always falling on every issue. Glenn Beck can send me over the edge.

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