Yes, Dear Bloggers, There IS A Santa Claus!

I believe in Santa Claus. I’m shocked when I meet someone who doesn’t. In fact, just recently, I was perusing your blogs out there and I found not one, not two but three blogs out there dedicating posts to the evils of Santa Claus. Santa = Evil?!? And there were comments, lots and lots of comments agreeing with them. I was angry. I was outraged. I vowed never to read those blogs again. I started taking names to avoid reading the blogs of people agreeing with such blasphemy.

And then I stopped myself. Jane, I said to myself, You believe in God. You are comfortable with Jesus being a saviour. You have friends who don’t. Who very vehemently do not believe in a God at all. You read their blogs. You’re fine with their difference of opinion, faith and beliefs.  You preach, “One mountain, many paths.” How can you completely disregard another blogger’s right to disagree with your belief in Santa Claus? How can ONE post nullify all the other posts you read by them and enjoyed? So….reluctantly….because logic won with this internal struggle…..I re-bookmarked all three of those blogs and I tore up my McCarthy list.

But not without defending my stand!

When my daughter was about three years old a friend told me about a wonderful Santa that I absolutely must take her to. We did.  He was elderly. (Of course) He had a genuine white beard and longer white hair. (Of course) He wore a red suit with shiny buttons and he sat out in his sleigh every night between Thanksgiving and December 23 (because he’s very busy on the 24th!) listening to the children, finding out about their lives, helping them to narrow their lists (he only allowed 2 toys because his sleigh was only so big!) and chatted with the parents. He must have had an eidetic memory. Through the years he would remember what school my daughter attended, her love of gymnastics, that she had a cat, even a few of the gifts he had brought her in the past. Before any of you start jumping up and down yelling, “Creepy!” I can assure you (and I’m quite sensitive to creepiness) it never, ever, ever, ever appeared creepy. He was genuine. He was sweet. He was Santa Claus.

And he did this out of the goodness of his heart. He was a member of our community – recently retired. His many acres of property were decorated with Christmas lights that brought people from miles around. He dedicated his time to help children believe in kindness, in goodness, in unconditional giving. He cared about the children in his community and took collections to “pay his light bill” and to give to the local Boys and Girls Club. He reminded them to study hard in school, mind their parents, brush their teeth. He reinforced strong values and the “real” reason for the season.

There is a 10 year age difference between my daughter and my sons. So for a time – she felt too old to see Santa in person – we skipped visiting. Oh sure, we always rode by to see the lights. If he wasn’t busy with another child he always waved to those passing by. But then we moved to another part of the county and once my boys arrived we skipped seeing Santa because we felt they were too young.

Then, they were 3 and 2 years old. They were ready! And I was so excited. I couldn’t wait for Santa to see how our daughter had grown. To meet her two new brothers. We talked to the boys about Santa. My daughter filled them in on what was to come Christmas morning. She helped them make a list. Just before we turned down the street I cried, “Let’s look for Santa!” But the street was dark. Only a porch light was on at the house. The area for parking wasn’t marked off anymore. My #1son asked, “Where Santa?” My husband quickly piped up, “Oh no! He’s not here tonight. I forget to check the schedule. I’ll bet he’s at the mall this evening.” It’s a good thing my husband spoke up. I couldn’t. A tear made its way down my cheek.

When we got home I scoured the internet. I found our local online paper. The headline read “County Santa Will Return to the North Pole.” I was crushed. But he was getting older. His health wasn’t as good. And he just couldn’t keep up the hours anymore. He had been doing it for 13 years from 6pm until 8pm every night between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The article showcased parent after parent talking about all he meant to their child’s vision of Christmas and to our community.  He truly was Santa to all of us.

Santa is not about commercialism. He’s not about greed. He’s about giving for the sake of making someone else’s eyes light up. He’s about wonder and imagination. He’s about love and kindness. And if you’re looking, you will see him. He may not be dressed up in a red suit. His beard may not have grown in. You will find his spirit in every act of generosity and grace during this wonderful season. But you have to be willing to suspend your cynicism. You have to be willing to accept gifts without the expectation of something in return. To my knowledge, Santa doesn’t discriminate. As long as you believe, the gifts will come. Some are wrapped. Some are not. Some are obvious gifts. Some you realize as a gift only later.

 But Santa is real. If only you believe.


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18 responses to “Yes, Dear Bloggers, There IS A Santa Claus!

  1. Oh, what a sweet post. How lucky you were to have that amazing Santa in your neighborhood.

    I’m absolutely certain that *he* never was stinky!

  2. You are my hero. (just wondering, are you Santa? because you could pass for any Santa I know!)

  3. Your beautiful post made me cry. At my desk. At work. I think you will very much enjoy reading the articles below about the Kansas City, MO Secret Santa. Santa does live…in every heart and mind that believes in goodness, charity and child-like wonder!

  4. Kristin

    As a fellow believer I say bravo, Jane!

  5. Awesome post! I couldn’t agree more! “Santa” is in every single person who believes in the Christmas spirit this time of year. In the selfless acts we do each day. He may not be “real” but he certainly does exist!

  6. sassybug

    Yes Jane, there is a Santa Claus (in my world anyhow)!

  7. Steven Harris

    Of course Santa is real. And he looks a lot like Tim Allen from ‘Home Improvement’ 😉

  8. unabridgedgirl

    Yay Santa! I am glad you wrote this post. Yesterday I was thinking about how no one can do anything nice or good today without people being skeptical or finding fault. Thanks for this post!

  9. I am 31 years old and I still believe in Santa Claus. There are years when I am not so sure, but every year I manage to find him – even if it is only in the tiny details. Beautiful post!

  10. I’m so glad I’m a Santa lover! I would NEVER want to make your McCarthy list!

    I saw Santa cry once. A new mother had brought her baby boy, blind and deaf, to have his picture made with Santa. She said it would probably be his only Christmas. I cried with Santa. He wouldn’t let the elf charge for the picture.

  11. I will Never stop believing in Santa.
    Great story!

  12. Beautiful post!

    There’s something so magical and wonderful in believing in Santa.

  13. suzicate

    Beautiful post…brought tears to my eyes. What a blessing he was to many. And what joy the children must have brought to him.

  14. What a great story. Crap, you made me cry.

  15. Oh hello, fellow believer-in-Santa!

    I believe in Santa. Not the Santa who brings kids presents, but in your Santa. Toys come from Mom and Dad; miracles come from Santa.

  16. Thanks. This post is oil on the cranky waters of my soul right now. 🙂

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