A Giggle for the Holidays

See? I have a little cynic in me, too. Enjoy!

Silver Bells – Steve Martin and Paul Simon


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8 responses to “A Giggle for the Holidays

  1. That cynic is very small…but I enjoy her when she pops out once in a while!

  2. YOU JUST MADE MY DAY!!!!! Bwaaah ha haha!!!

  3. Lol. Thanks for sharing and making me laugh! Can’t get enough of that in the holidays!

  4. Ah, the regift! Very funny….loved it!

  5. I love Steve Martin! Time for eggnog and rum indeed! (Just hold the eggnog please).

    Hope your holiday week is coming along smoothly and stress-free. Merry Christmas!!

  6. LOL! I love the line about the tree dying in your living room 🙂 So true!

  7. Hilarious!
    (Hey, my shortest comment today!)

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