Year In Review 2009 – Man, Am I Outta Touch!

I am continually amazed at the search terms that bring people to my blog. Some of the latest include:

  • is Ralph Lauren looking for models: Boy, not only do you like me you think I’m pretty, too!
  • moose turd cookies: Hey! My cooking isn’t THAT bad!
  • brazilian skin colour politically correct: Politically correct skin colour? Huh?
  • wrinkled boobs: Yes. Still. Almost every day
  • boobs search here: I wondered that every day throughout puberty
  • dirty mom son: Searched for and sent here more often than I’d like
  • gorgeous young girls: Now that’s better. Hey. Wait…….ewwwwww.

Yahoo is doing its year in review. They have many categories but the one that interested me? Top 10 Searches for 2009.

  1. Michael Jackson – Yes, his death was tragic. Yes, he was loved worldwide. Yes, much of his entertaining was genius. Yes, I had all of the Jackson 5’s albums as a kid. But I was so over him once he became physically  unrecognizable. The man had issues (on many levels) and all close to him should feel horrible that they didn’t do more to help him.
  2. The Twilight Saga – I don’t get it. My daughter does. She loved the series. She went to the 12:01am showing when the movie premiered. I tried reading the first novel but got bored. I see the appeal for teens. I just don’t get the appeal of women my age drooling over a teen vampire. We’d be disgusted if the genders were reversed.
  3. WWE – Seriously? People still watch that stuff?
  4. Megan Fox – I still couldn’t pick her out in a line-up.
  5. Britney Spears – A pop sensation, yes. And continues to be popular. She’s been on Yahoo’s Top 10 Search list for the past 5 years. My guess is the searches are by voyeurs relishing in the latest news of her twisted, messed up private life, not for her entertainment skills. And that’s just sad.
  6. Naruto Manga – An exotic Asian dish? A helpful Japanese phrase? Nope. Evidently it’s an anime series on Cartoon Network. Never seen it.
  7. American Idol – This I’ve heard of. And I’m an unashamed fan of the show. I find it fascinating. I wish this show had been around when I was in my twenties.
  8. Kim Kardashian – I just had to click back to the site to make sure I was spelling her name correctly. She has sisters, too, right? And they have a reality TV show? (I’m testing my knowledge here, so give me a sec.) Yep. I was right. But have I ever seen the show? Never.
  9. NASCAR – Again, really? People still watch this stuff?
  10. Runescape – Ok. It’s sci- fi, right? (Just guessing from the name) Yes. It’s the most popular free online role-playing game in the world according to the Guinness Book of World Records. And I’ve never heard of it.


I am officially old.


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15 responses to “Year In Review 2009 – Man, Am I Outta Touch!

  1. suzicate

    Hey, I’m right there with you! The searches that bring people to your blog are funny…am actually shocked when I read mine sometimes!

  2. I’m old with you. American Idol I know. The rest is irrelevant. I decided that – because I am old.

    It is what we do at this age.

    Revel (sp?) in the irrelevant.

    Cheers 🙂

  3. angelcel

    Oh so funny, you had me laughing out loud here. ‘Moose turd cookies’ !!??!! Crumbs they must look *so* appetizing, I really must prepare *those* for family and friends!

    The top 10 Google searches and in particular your comments was also just priceless. ‘Megan Fox’: snap. ‘Naruto Manga’ (had to cut and paste that one) …similarly, I don’t have the foggiest. The Kardashians seemed to have popped up from somewhere in only the last month or so…haven’t they? I know not from whence they came and to be brutally honest, nor do I care. And ‘runescape’ …nope…new one on me.

    Nah, we’re not old. Just sensible enough to start freeing our brains of too much dross! 🙂

  4. Lol! I don’t think you’re old! I think you probably just have your priorities in the right place, which isn’t obsessing over non-sense like “Twilight”. Good for you!

  5. My search topics can’t hold a candle to yours. :-0

    As for the rest, old is a state of mind (I’m older than you are and have decided to refuse to grow old…mentally)! However, if these are the TOP 10 searches for the year, there are many people who may need therapy.

    Happy 2010 to you!

  6. I’m told I look just like Naruto!

    I think it’s the whiskers. 😀

  7. I don’t think you are old. I don’t know what half that stuff is and I’m only 22! Megan Fox and Kim whatever are names I do not recognize. I ignore People-type magazines for a reason! I have enough going on in my life without getting caught up in someone else’s drama, thank you very much.

    And, as far as the Twilight series goes, I won’t touch that book. It sounds like a silly and not very well written book. OK, that is heresy, but I still won’t touch that book. Whatever happened to teen books like the Giver?

    Anyway, happy New Year to you!

  8. Breaking out the Geritol…I’ll share it with you, babe.

  9. unabridgedgirl

    I don’t understand the Michael Jackson thing, either? And I REALLY don’t understand the Twilight fad. And I obviously don’t keep up with celebrity news, and I didn’t know half of this stuff. 🙂

  10. I love all of your commentary, but especially your thoughts about the Twilight series and what the reaction to it would be if grown men were lusting after teenage girl vampires. Very interesting food for thought!

  11. Ok, I totally get the dirty mom son searches too. Once I plugged in to see how far down I was on the search list. I gave up after page 5. Really, people?
    And I’m going to have to defend the Twilight saga. You’re right if women are lusting over such young stars, that’s twisted and weird. But it’s just a simple love story, and I think a lot of women miss that. It’s sweet, pure, and hilarious (because teenagers are so, well, stupid), and it’s not all sexual and adult. While I don’t think Meyers is the greatest of writers, I think she captured the emotions well. The movies are just fun; I actually laugh right through them.

  12. Why are all the search terms…ponographic? Same with mine. I had one that said, “fat burping girls pooping naked”
    What the hell?!

    I think Britney Spears is sad, too. Her whole life is a source of entertainment for “us”. So was Michael Jackson.

  13. The search terms were cracking me up!! Moose turd cookies?? EEWWWW! Mine are really weird, too… Here’s just a few of the many odd terms that people have used.

    Dreaming about poop in the sink
    sit in lap farting girls video
    she was confined to a bed, clad in diapers
    wife pooped in husband’s mouth
    baby with scissor legs
    cannibalization of the little guy
    guys pooping on each other hot
    old buttery fingers
    poop in my dreams and visions
    applesauce poop

    I should just write a post about all these one day… people are crazy, aren’t they?!

    Or, maybe I’m the crazy one for talking about baby poopage as much as I do!

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