Two Dudes And A Mom – A Very Grateful Mom

Yesterday was the first day back to school. The morning was typical – racing around trying to find shoes, coats, lunch boxes. We hopped into the car about 3 minutes later than our goal time. Not bad. It’s a 20 minute ride and #1son wanted to count speed limit signs on the way. There were a lot less than we anticipated, only finding 15. Sitting in carpool line, inching to the front, I see the teacher’s aide dressed like a polar bear. Oh. No.

Our high is only supposed to be around 30 today. We’re not used to this. We live in the south. All the other kids getting out of their cars are dressed like polar bears, too. My boys? Just their jackets. With a flimsy hood. Epic fail, Mom!

Racing home I pray the powers-that-be will think it too cold to let the kids go outside. I don’t want to be known as “THAT mom.” I pour through the coat closet searching for scarves, gloves and hats.

I find plenty of scarves.

I find plenty of gloves and mittens.

I even find four pairs of gloves that are brand, spanking new – never been used, found on clearance last season.

But no hats. Not a one. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

When I pick them up from school I ask, oh so casually, “So, did you play outside today?”

“No, the teacher said it was too cold,” they replied.

Thank you, God. I take the boys to Kohls immediately. I do not pass Go. I do not collect $200 – although that would have been nice but frankly, I don’t deserve it. We purchase the last two knit caps on the shelf. The very last two. And the stocking cap angels were smiling down on me today because each boy grabbed a cap and each boy loved it.

Two very happy dudes and one very grateful mom.



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21 responses to “Two Dudes And A Mom – A Very Grateful Mom

  1. Two very adorable little men you have there.

  2. Jane, for your sake and for mine, I hope the South warms up soon. Husband, the little ones, and I are heading to Florida next week for a family reunion and I have been distressed to see that the temperatures there are hovering in the mid-40s. I know that’s much better than what you have, but, still, when you travel from the Midwest to Florida in January, you hope for a little bit of sun and warmth! Sigh.

  3. OH snap! I am SOOOO glad that I am not the only Mom to send my kid to school in shorts and a tank top in the middle of January…but we live in Colorado so I really don’t have an excuse 😉

  4. bloginsong

    Seriously I am sick and tired of this cold weather. I am here with HollyNasty in Colorado, but our average at this time of year is usually around 40. We have had several long spells of 8 degree or 4 degree weather and I am SO OVER IT!

    I am also impressed at the array of warmies you DO have on hand, considering where you are. If I were your neighbor I would be calling to borrow gloves, and offering hats!

    Those boys are super super cute!

  5. You are not “that” kind of mom. Monday, I took my kids to the doctor. Completely forgot my daughter’s coat. Oh, yeah. I felt wonderful. I am all dressed up, baby is wrapped in a blanket, and the toddler? In a short sleeved shirt. Uck. I felt horrible. Horrible.

  6. Hooray for saving the day! Sadly, I am that Mom too, only because I normally don’t wear winter clothes unless I plan on being outside longer than my drive to and from work.

    Luckily I have a Type A daughter who does my thinking for me, and looks on each night before going to sleep. Some days I wonder if that child actually popped out of me! 😀

  7. angelcel

    Gosh this cold weather is amazing ….amazingly bad!
    Those boys are looking pretty pleased with their winter hats. 🙂

  8. Ha! I live in CO and EVERY year, on the first snowy/cold day of the year I cannot find hats, mittens, boots to save my life. At least your cold snap is a freak thing–I have zero excuse!

    And every year I vow to get organized and never do.

  9. Those hats are adorable on them 🙂

    I’m so glad they didn’t play outside. I have no idea why they let the kids here play outside when it’s way below freezing and snow everywhere. It takes them 20 minutes just to get their gear on at school!

  10. All I know is my daughter told me that she did not want to go back to school, and I said you are going. Freezing, windy without a coat I didn’t care I needed a break after her Christmas vacation!

  11. unabridgedgirl

    What cute pictures!

  12. suzicate

    No hats…not your fault. I am sure the same thing that eats my socks ate your hats. Adorable kids. And they both were satisfied. All in all, sounds like a good day!

  13. They are so cute!
    It’s hard to prepare for weather that’s unusual. One mom, from CO, turned to me in the fall and asked me how the weather was in AZ. I hadn’t lived a full year here in over ten years. “Most days are nice, but the days you NEED a jacket and gloves and a hat, you NEED them.

  14. We have so much snow here we can’t get them to school with or without hats! Our daughters have to wear an official school uniform with special hats.

    Your kids look wonderful. 🙂

  15. ck

    You have some beautiful boys, Jane!

  16. Too cute! I am in FL and it’s freezing too!

  17. Jane, this post really made me smile. Last night, I cranked the heat up, struggled with getting extra space under the comforter-to wake up this morning and realize that only the penguins should inhabit Tallahassee, Florida-we woke up to 17 degree temps. No way! I live n Florida (laugh). We don’t function properly in cold weather-It becomes a crisis. Our clothes won’t match and we have not a clue how to dress warm. Just before putting my youngest son to sleep, I was already barking out what could not be worn-No shorts!! ( he would put shorts on) I told him dress attire tomorrow had to be totally parent approved.
    Stay warm.

  18. See now, up north we are used to the cold. The bad mom moments comes though when you sort through the gloves only to realize you have about 8 left hand ones and zero right hand ones because they’ve all been lost!

  19. Echoing others- gorgeous boys! Great hats! And you’ve totally earned the collection of $200 in my book.

  20. LOL. Don’t worry. You are not THAT mom. Your boys are so cute! And the hats look great. But I am “laughing” at the knitted factor. THOSE would not do where we are, esp. on a day like today… Burrr…

  21. Your little guys are adorable!!

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