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Yo, Jane’s Riffin’ On Twilight, She Be All Emo And Dat

I needed a laugh. So I hopped on over to YouTube. I suppose I’m missing my high school students. Or maybe I’m still struggling to appreciate the Twilight series. Maybe I am still stuck in yesterday’s post. But I stumbled upon this and I couldn’t stop giggling.  A good sign.

Now I have to warn you. It uses “complex” words like: angst (the blues), immolate (sacrifice), and transform (change). Oh, and it also uses slang like: Yo (an informal name given to one whose name is not known), emo (a genre of melancholy punk music that appeals to teens), and riffin’ (overreact). So be prepared. There’ll be a quiz afterwards.

(Just kidding about the quiz, y’all. Peace out!)


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