Shoes – One For One

If you haven’t heard about TOMS shoes I’m helping to spread the word. Suzicate first enlightened me with her post about her first pair of TOMS. She loves them! Her enthusiasm was catchy. I went to check them out myself. Yes. The shoes are cute. They look comfortable and I’m all about comfort. But then I clicked on the “Our Movement” tab and I was mesmerized.

One man. Blake Mycoskie. On vacation in Argentina. To play polo. He saw women and men wearing a style of shoe he thought interesting. It was the fashionable new thing. But then, literally right next door, he saw villagers without shoes on their feet. He spent the rest of his vacation volunteering at a local village. Fresh water was 2 miles away and walking with the children they had to stop every 5 minutes or so because their feet hurt. He took a closer look. Thick callouses. Cuts. Scrapes. Painful sores. He met grown children who had never worn a shoe a day in their life. Adults who had only owned a few pairs in a lifetime. Amputations because of deadly infections. He wanted to do something.

On the plane ride home he got an idea.

Blake Mycoskie was not a modern-day cobbler. He knew nothing about the shoe business. What he did know is that children around the world, in impoverished countries, were suffering because they lacked something most of us take for granted. What if he duplicated the “fashionable” shoe he saw on the polo field spectators? What if for every pair of shoes he sold he provided a pair for children in need? One for One.

So that’s exactly what he did. TOMS, Shoes for Tomorrow, was born in 2006. I love that this is a company that was started with the sole purpose of helping others. It wasn’t a shoe company that decided to do something good. It was one man, who wanted to help children around the world and he came up with a way to do it.

For some of us, the shoes are a little pricey. On the website they start around $40. Of course, they go up from there. If you’re the type that needs to see them live I googled it and Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom carry them, too.

I know many of us are focused on Haiti right now. And some of you may be saying, “Why can’t I just donate to some organization directly instead of having to buy something?” But if you like the shoes, if you’re going to buy shoes anyway – why not purchase them from a company with a primary mission to help others?


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15 responses to “Shoes – One For One

  1. suzicate

    Jane, this is why I just adore you, you get right to the heart while I was on the “sole” (pun intended) of the subject. Thanks for the shout out and putting TOMS out there. Hey, stop by tomorrow morning I’ll have an award there for you!!!

  2. I LOVE TOMS SHOES!! Thanks for bringing light to this amazing company 🙂

  3. What a wonderful way to help. Thanks for bringing it to everyone’s attention. I feel some retail therapy coming on………

  4. I read Suzicate’s post and self-absorbed me thought about my different size feet. You read it and thought about the power of the purse to make a difference for people in need.

    *This* is why I adore you. (How often do I write that in your comments section?…I guess there are lots of reasons why I adore you!)

  5. I have heard about these shoes. I think the company is doing an awesome thing. When I am getting a new pair of shoes, I will have to look into those!

  6. What a great business. It is so nice to know that there are people out there with successful businesses that don’t just care about making tons and tons of moolah. Thanks for sharing!

  7. GREAT idea. Now, if only I could bring myself to wear them….;)

  8. That does sound like a wonderful company. I’m very impressed.

    I did giggle a bit when you wrote ” sole purpose”. Get it? Sole? Ok I’ll shut up now.

    • Yes, I noticed it, too, after I wrote it. And I almost pointed out the pun but decided it would ruin the flow of a serious post. But thanks calling me out on it so we can all enjoy a little shoe humor. 😉

  9. My older daughter discovered these at college and asked for them for Christmas. She got very cute ones. I think I may have to give it a try.
    Great thing to post Jane!!!

  10. My BIL and SIL both bought a pair of TOMS shoes. What an amazing story behind this and a great cause. I cannot wait to buy a pair for my daughter.

  11. Thanks for posting this. As my husband says, vote with your dollars; here is a way to really make a difference and prove that yes, we can use capitolism for things other than making a few people rich. Now, I just have to save my pocket change 😉

  12. cw

    My ‘bud’, merrilymarylee, sent me over with a big ‘go, read, comment’! I’m so glad she did – she’s such a wise lady!:) Anyhooooo, our grown kids gave their dad a pair of Tom’s shoes for his Father’s Day last year – he loves them! I gave one of our dil’s a really cool red pair that wrap up the leg for Christmas- holy moly – they are so cute!:) I’ve seen them at Whole Foods, too!:) I’m delighted you’re shining a light on this young man, his story and his shoes – RUN WITH IT!!!:):):)

  13. Thank you for sharing this!

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