Hey, That Reminds Me!

I read so many of your posts out there and you’ll stir a memory or remind me of something else I’ve heard. It happens so often I’m thinking of starting a meme (If it hasn’t been done already! Jeez, it seems every time I come up with a great idea it’s already been thought of. And if you’re here to take my great idea remember, you heard it here first and I’ve got proof – note the time and date stamp of this post!) but I’m too technologically-challenged to create a button for you to “grab.” But I digress…

Julia, over at Brainella the Librarian, reminded me of a wonderful game my dad and I used to play with one another – in my teens and early twenties. It stopped because it made my mother jealous but that’s for another post. And before your dirty, Freudian minds get away from you let me explain….

My dad traveled a lot for work. During lay-overs or at tacky diners, he’s browse the gift shops. He bring home the tackiest gift he could find. An Elvis souvenir comb from Memphis. An ashtray (I didn’t smoke) with Jimmy Carter’s face in the bottom (I’m not kidding about this one. I wish I could find it to show you!). The “All I Got Was This T-Shirt” t-shirt. Refrigerator magnets. Hats. Pens that glowed in the dark. Silly mugs and other beverage containers. Sunglasses. You get the picture. We had so much fun trying to top each other with our gifts.

It was a wonderful way to connect. To be thinking of each other when we didn’t see each other so much anymore. When I was in high school I spent the summer in Germany. I remember I brought my dad home a teeny, tiny beer stein – it couldn’t hold more than 2 sips. In my twenties, I went to Paris. I found a pair of toenail trimmers with the Eifel Tower on it. I scooped it up. Later in the trip, one of my fellow travellers got a hangnail. She had to use the nail clippers. So, my dad received an even tackier gift that year – it was a pair of used nail trimmers with the Eifel Tower emblazoned on it.

It’s a great memory for me from a comfortable time in my relationship with my father. It’s one that I want to carry on with my children when I begin to travel away from them, when they’re at an age to understand the silliness and fun. Just another way to add fun to an adventure!


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8 responses to “Hey, That Reminds Me!

  1. GREAT GAME!!! One of my close friends did this with their family….but it was only silly pens or pencils….you know, the ones with crazy stuff attached to the top or carved in a strange way.

    What a great memory!

  2. suzicate

    That is such a fun tradition! And I heard it first from JANE!

  3. unabridgedgirl

    That is a fabulous idea, and it sounds like you had fun with it, too! The toenail clippers cracked me up. 🙂

  4. Sounds like a great idea, apart from the fact my partner tends to buy stuff like that but doesn’t realise how horrible and tacky it really is.

  5. That is an AWESOME Game! I’m totally telling my dad because he’s about to start traveling for his new job, and this is totally up our alley.

    We played a game, when we were dragged shopping with my mom. My dad and I would search the racks for the ugliest thing we could find and show each other, insisting it would be perfect for him/her. Often we had to run back and get something else to top the other. Beats sitting in the husband chair.

  6. Great game! And what a great way to bring home with you memories of your travelling without going overboard with the expenses. My husband brings home magnets from cities that he visits for work. Small and inexpensive. 🙂 (ok, maybe he’s just cheap…)

  7. HA! At least he knew the gifts were tacky. My sis-in-law doesn’t KNOW when things are tacky. For years, it would drive my husband mad. He’d get so irritated! And then one Christmas, I said we needed to think of it as a goofy tradition, The Opening of R’s Gifts, and now we have more than a few laughs each year. My favorite so far is a padded tissue paper holder in the shape of a sofa. You pull the paper out of the seat. Awesome.

    This year? A peach colored Hawaiian shirt with sailboats emblazoned all over it for the hubster. And a plastic Christmas pen that didn’t work for the kids.

    Maybe I’ll send them to you. 😀

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