Loose Lips Sink Ships For American Idol Hopeful

I read  yesterday that a contestant on American Idol, Michael Lynche (“Big Mike”) has been cut from the show. A confidentiality breech. All contestants sign an agreement that they and their families will keep quiet until after results are broadcasted. Evidently, Michael made it to the top 24 and his proud father told the local newspaper. The local newspaper printed this news.

This is sad on so many levels.

  1. Michael can’t trust and share wonderful news with his family for fear that someone will spill the beans.
  2. A father, in excitement and pride, messes up and slips in an interview – ruining (a step) in his son’s career.
  3. A newspaper, that is probably well aware of the consequences to the contestant, actually prints the news – thus ultimately ruining (a step) in this young man’s career.

The father should have kept quiet.

The newspaper knew better and REALLY should have kept quiet.

And Michael is the one that suffers.

So not fair!


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17 responses to “Loose Lips Sink Ships For American Idol Hopeful

  1. suzicate

    That totally stinks…so sad! Hopefully, he’s really good and some producer will hear this story and jumpstart his singing career.

  2. SuziCate makes a good point. I don’t watch AI, but it seems like a lot of their most successful contestants are not actually the winners. This sad story might just earn Big Mike a recording contract!

    Of course, I read the story thinking about how sobering it is that we parents can continue to mess up our kids well into their adulthoods!

    • I am going to latch on to Kristen’s comment because I think she said it so well: “we..can continue to mess up our kids well into their adulthoods!”

      Amen, Kristen.

  3. ck

    Wow. That’s awful. I bet the only one who doesn’t feel bad about this is the newspaper.

  4. That just stinks…..and is the complete opposite of what the show is supposed to be about…right?

  5. That is not fair at all!! Poor thing.

  6. That newspaper reporter (and his/her editor) deserves a big dose of Bad Karma for that!!

  7. Oh that is so sad 😦
    Poor guy!

  8. unabridgedgirl

    I think I am more angry with the newspaper than I am the parent. The media wrecks so many lives without blinking an eye.

  9. That is so sad!
    And definitely shame on the newspaper.

  10. Yes, unfortunate on so many levels. Personally, I think it is ridiculous that the kid has been cut from the show. Of course he is going to tell his parents. I completely agree that his father and the paper should have known better…

  11. That is SO sad!!! He did nothing wrong…this could have been an amazing life changing move, how unfortunate!

  12. That’s so sad. He was probably so proud of his son.

  13. That’s really too bad.

  14. A newspaper keeping quiet?? Yeah right. My partner is kind of high profile here in the UK and trust me when I say the press can totally destroy lives and they don’t give a damn. They’ll do ANYTHING to get a story. They make me sick.

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