Saints = 1, Commercials = 0 (But That Doesn’t Mean I Didn’t Enjoy The Show)

It’s a happy Monday here at Jane’s! Ahhhh, Super Bowl Sunday. One of America’s favorite pastimes. And we partook (seriously, it’s a word) in the festivities last night. Great food, even better friends (Hi there! I see you peeking in!) and no kids after the first half since we live just a few doors down and our amazing daughter came by to pick the boys up and put them to bed. (Thanks, amazing daughter!)

When I care about the teams, I actually watch the football. When I don’t? I watch the commercials. This year I focused on the commercials. Saints? Colts? I really didn’t care who won. But in case you’re wondering, the Saints won. I just saw this headline on Yahoo: Go Nuts, New Orleans: The Saints Are Your World Champions. World Champions? As far as I know, only football teams in America qualified to play. Is your arrogance showing, America? But I blogress……(blogress is a word stolen from LLCoolJoe – just want to give him credit for a great word! Oops. I’m doing it again. Sorry. Back to the post.)

The commercials. Lame this year. Agree or disagree? There were very few laugh out loud funny ones. Or even touching, well-made ones. I’ll be curious to see what others thought. In past years, I remember talking about the commercials for days after. I have a feeling as soon as I post this I’ll have forgotten even the couple I enjoyed. And yes, I agree. This topic is a pretty lame blog post. But I had alcohol last night – not too much, but enough. And I was late writing this. And I think I might be suffering from writers block. But if you’re suffering from SAD  (Seasonal Affective Disorder) or you just hate Mondays, my highlighted commercials are sure to bring a smile.

Below are two of my favorites. And then there’s one I stumbled upon (from a few years back) that had me laughing so hard I was crying. Why is it the best commercials are from beer companies? (Essays answering any and all of the questions presented in this post must be no more than 2 pages typed double-spaced, in a readable font and is due in 30 minutes. Ready? Set? Go!)

Great for beer AND book club lovers! Too funny!

From my favorite soft drink company, Coca Cola. And I had to watch wistfully at this one because I gave up my beloved beverage 7 days ago. Yes, I’m trying to beat my coke habit. So far, so good. But I can still enjoy the commercials.

Warning! Before watching this commercial you need to take that potty break, put aside all beverages, chew and swallow all food. I will not be held responsible for messed up computer screens and keyboards or cushioned computer chairs (am I getting to personal here? sorry!) You have been warned.


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15 responses to “Saints = 1, Commercials = 0 (But That Doesn’t Mean I Didn’t Enjoy The Show)

  1. suzicate

    Yeah, the commercials are the best! My hubby asked me if I was going to watch, and I said I’ll be down in a bit, and he replied, “YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THE COMMERCIALS!!!!” He didn’t mention the actual game, ha!

  2. That last one. RIGHT up my alley.

  3. You know, ever since we got DVR (beloved DVR) a few years ago, I have gotten into the habit of joining shows late and then fast-forwarding through the commercials – so I’m especially grateful to you for highlighting the ones we missed last night while watching the Super Bowl!

  4. The Coke spot was great…but I love Bolero anyway! I remember the last one too. I think it rivals the one I put on the Friday Funny post for this year, although that one didn’t air in the game. It should have since, evidently, men’s underwear was a popular theme this year.

  5. Superbowl? Guess I don’t know cuz I’m Canadian. The last commercial was cute. =)

  6. unabridgedgirl

    I wasn’t crazy about any of the commercials, and I didn’t really watch the game.

  7. Ah, we didn’t watch the Superbowl this year. I am glad because, like you, I would have ended up only watching the commercials. And since they apparently sucked, I would have been upset. Best to avoid anything that might make me overly emotional.

    P.S. I love the word “partook”! I use it as frequently as possible.

  8. Thanks for a run down of your favorites. I missed the game so I feel totally behind in my pop culture!

    Also, I can’t find a way to email you but I wanted to respond to what you wrote on my blog. “Your past couple posts sum up my fears to even START something bigger and better than “just my blog.” I get so overwhelmed with silly, irrational fear – can I stay focused? what if I end up with nothing to say? what if my writing is uneven because one day I’m “flying high,” the next day I’m not? A vicious circle!”

    I just wanted to encourage you to dive in. Until I just got over it already and started I couldn’t see what other writers were saying from the other side. I couldn’t see that all those worries really do take care of themselves in a strange way. You just gotta start! And, I have never noticed much difference in the quality of my writing from good days to bad (if that helps at all!).

  9. You’re right. Great game, so-so on the commercials. The one with Letterman and Oprah made me laugh.

  10. I missed most of it. The Husband is very concerned that I didn’t have the boys watch. Right, like a four year old and two year old care. Thanks for the highlights. I do miss good commercials.

  11. Good luck on the abstinence. I give up the brown sugar crack water at least twice a year, vowing to do better for my body and the planet. And I fall off the wagon again and again. But now that I hear you’re trying, I’ll try again. It’s sooooo important to quit and yet sooooooooooooooooooo good. Hang in there. I’m with you. OJ and sparkling water all this week until the biggest cravings are gone.

  12. Kristin

    Ha! I adored the book club commercial, and the last one with the swear jar was tooooo funny!!!

  13. First you come onto my blog wishing for world peace and then I come on your blog and you’ve pinched my “Blogress” ! Ha ha. Only joking.

  14. I don’t follow sports but Saints and New Orleans this year really got me. For once, I watched Super Bowl for the game and not for the commercials even though my 6th grader had to explain the rules to me (yes, lots of eye rolling…) Tracy Porter’s interception? Got me on my feet screaming and jumping. More eye rolling from my son since he was rooting for the Colts. I’m very happy New Orleans won. Any little thing helps.

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