Let Them Know They Are Not Forgotten

Just a little more attention for the plight in Haiti. With the Olympics starting I suppose many of us have moved on. But help is still needed. And this video is an interesting re-make of the original We Are The World, written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie. It has some interesting footage of Haiti. And interesting footage of all of the egos  vocal artists involved. I like the rap element to this updated version, as well.

I just want the people of Haiti to know I haven’t forgotten them.


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6 responses to “Let Them Know They Are Not Forgotten

  1. suzicate

    Thanks for sharing, Jane. I hadn’t seen that, but had heard about it.

  2. Thanks f or posting that Jane and for the reminder that we need to think of others, daily!

  3. Thanks, Jane. Important post and beautiful video.

  4. We haven’t forgotten.
    Thanks Jane!

  5. Yes, thank you. Indeed we have not forgotten.

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