A Little Bit Of My Own WTH Wednesday

Ok. That should really be WTF – but children follow my blog (Hi #1daughter!) and I just couldn’t bring myself to put the “F” word in my title. Even that last sentence felt risky. (Looking toward the sky, waiting for the lightning to strike) And my WTH stands for What The Heck. I can’t even bring myself to say the other “H” word. Just call me Polly Purebred. My dear friend Submom started WTF Wednesdays on her blog and I’ve been annoyed by a few things lately (Could you tell? Am I PMS-ing? Is it menopause? I don’t know what it is but my last few posts have been leaning towards the Debbie Downer side of the scale. Sorry y’all!) and I decided to take full advantage of her wonderful idea and just share a bit of WTH of my own.

Have you heard? Oprah is against texting and driving. She’s even taking it a step further and decrying cell phone use and driving. She devoted an entire show to it. She’s joined the movement. Yay! Good for her! Now please know, that I am also against texting and driving. It IS a horrible, dangerous thing. But Oprah is telling us to stop doing it? Oprah has a chauffeur. Oprah can text and ride. Oprah doesn’t drive herself anywhere.  WTH?

Which reminds me of Jennifer Anniston’s 3-minute shower we heard about a few years ago. Just one little thing she’s doing to help the environment. She even brushes her teeth in there, too. This not only saves time but money! Yay for Jennifer! She’s taking a 3-minute shower to save water. Must really help reduce the water bill so she can afford to heat and cool the 14,000 square foot mansion she lives in. WTH?

Evgeni Plushenko (silver medalist in men’s figure skating) is still whining about his loss that took place a week ago. Evan Lysacek won the gold. And he has been more than gracious toward his opponent. But Evgeni Plushenko just can’t let it go. He even created his own Platinum medal, shown here on his website. He’s a legend in his own mind. The website claims he is still “the best” because Plushenko “is one of the few who performed quadruple jumps in their routine and did it best.” Did it best according to whom? Apparently, the Olympic judges thought Evan was “the best.” WTH, Evgeni?

My two favorite orders of fries are both the worst and best fries in America. I love 5 Guys Burgers & Fries french fries. And to my credit, I have never finished off an entire order (they give you enough to feed a family of 4.) But the 5 Guys fries have a whopping 1,464 calories and 71 grams of fat. And McDonald’s french fries? They’re health food, comparatively. A small order is 230 calories and 11 grams of fat. And of the big three (Burger King, Wendy’s and McDonald’s) they’re still the healthiest portion. Stop the presses! McDonald’s french fries are health food! WTH?

So there you have it. My version of WTF. It doesn’t hold a candle to Submom’s but it was fun to play along! What’s your WTH moment of the day?

(Our regularly scheduled optimism will be back tomorrow. Stay tuned!)


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25 responses to “A Little Bit Of My Own WTH Wednesday

  1. The whole environmental lecturing while living in a mansion thing has always made me crazy!

    McDonald’s fries are the best ever. I am sometimes tempted to get my burger from the King and cross the street to get the fries from McD’s. If I try hard enough maybe I can convince myself I am eating healthy at McDonalds.

  2. suzicate

    Next time I have a craving for Micky D fries, I won’t feel so guilty! I read about Evgeni’s self made platinum medal last night…crazy. So, all we need to do is self proclaim our greatness at something, award ourselves a medal, and the rest of the world believes us, right?! He needs to get a grip! Or maybe he just needs to let it go!

  3. Oooh. Love this. Love this fun (and as always astute) little break from your regularly scheduled optimism. Thanks for the smile.

  4. angelcel

    On but if Jennifer A really wants to go the whole hog about this eco shower malarkey she also needs to pee in the shower – just as the Brazilians have been urging their people to do. (I’m not making that up just to be disgusting by the way BTW).

  5. Personally I think it’s great that Jennifer Aniston is doing her part to help the environment… and why slam people who live in mansions? I totally would if I could! Texting is dangerous while driving, but so is putting on make-up or shaving while driving, so until there’s a crusade against that, I’m not going there.

    Good for you, for getting this stuff off your chest. But just so you know, I still won’t be eating McD’s fries, healthy or not. 😉

  6. LOL @ the Oprah WTF moment.

    Ooops. Did I say WTF? I meant WT-Fudge. Seriously, because Fudge is evil.

    I love your WT(Prince of Darkness Layer) post. You should do it more. 😉

  7. Best news I’ve heard all day (McD’s french fries). There’s hope for mankind, clearly! 🙂 Love your WTH (heck) entry!

  8. Does Jennifer Anniston pee in the shower too, to save on water, flushing the loo? Good for her that she’s setting an example though, and Oprah too, with or without the Chauffeur.

  9. I couldn’t agree more about McDonald’s fries — why do they call to me so? They can’t even properly be called french fries, since who knows if a potato was ever involved?

    Unbelievably, I can’t mine any WTH moments out of my usually more than cranky enough thoughts. Love the post, though.

  10. Love the acronym adjustment. I can’t bring myself to use WT* either so WTH suites me much better too. As for Micky D’s fries, they are THE best fries! And as for eating healthy there, it can be done…guilt free…with salads, grilled chicken, yogurt parfaits and apple dippers!

  11. What The Hockey?!?!?

    I don’t often say this … “Oprah! You go girl!” 🙂 Have we become such an impatient society that we can’t pull over to handle quick phone calls (that are presumably that important) to protect our own lives, those of our passengers and, oh what the heck, even maybe those strangers unfortunate enough to be caught in our wakes?

    Jennifer Anniston: You might have a point, but I find it impossible to criticize her for anything.

    I hadn’t heard about the silver medal thing. Thanks for that. I look forward to checking it out. Sounds like lots of good belly laughs heading my way. 🙂

    And the fries are just about the only thing we can eat at McDonalds. We grab them for dinner sometimes. 🙂

    Also, nothing wrong with being irritated. That’s where pearls come from! Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something.

  12. I love this!

    It kills me when celebs go on and on about being green and saving the environment. Sure, they may drive a prius but they have three homes and fly everywhere!

  13. unabridgedgirl

    I absolutely love that you used Polly Purebred and Debbie Downer in the same post. 🙂 Also, the Oprah thing is so ridiculous.

    • unabridgedgirl

      PS It’s not ridiculous, the whole don’t text/talk on the cell phone thing. Just Oprah. I think she’s ridiculous sometimes.

  14. So glad you asked! My WTH moment this week is with Kim Kardashian: I just saw an episode of her family’s reality show (that’s probably the first problem–why do I watch that mess???) when she kept talking about how “hard” she “works” and her commitment to her “career” and I wanted to gag. Exactly what is she trained to do? Her big sacrifice was “working” on her birthday, in which she hosted a party. Getting your hair done? Walking a red carpet? Why, that’s just like factory work! Bless her heart. What the heck?!

  15. I try to be green by living in a tiny 500 sq foot apartment. Do I win a prize?? (OK, I only live here because we aren’t rich yet. When we get rich, we will buy the biggest mansion ever.) (Joking, joking.)

    I think Carl’s Jr. has delicious hamburgers, but their fries suck. So, when we go to Carl’s, we stop at McD’s on the way. One can NEVER go wrong with McD’s. : )

  16. Really? People like McDonald’s fries? I’ve felt their quality has really slid the last few years. We should all get together and do taste tests.

    And it’s quaint that famous people tell us what to do. I remember someone asking Leonardo DiCarpio how he felt about the American obsession with big cars. He shrugged and said that some people need them to drive around kids and that we all have to make our own decisions to what’s best for us, our families, and our enviromentalism.

    As for my WTH moment, I won’t even go there since it deals with my husband.

  17. Thank you for making me feel so much better about the french fries. Now if only I would stop texting and driving, and stop the 15 minute showers that I actually use as escape from my children.


  18. Jane, I love this sassy side of you, especially because – surprise, surprise – I happen to agree with you on every point!

  19. I just loved reading your list. What a great idea!

    And WHOA at the 5 Guys Burgers and Fries. I don’t think I can eat there ever again.

  20. It wasn’t getting rid of trans fats that made Mcd’s fries taste worse…it’s that they stopped adding beef flavor. Lawsuit from vegetarians.
    So I’m the only one who’s gonna take Aniston to task? Okay, here it goes: you do enough yoga and eat healthfully and have a job you love that pays really well, so clearly you don’t need the shower for sanity. I get two showers a week because my life is a ball of stress and my kid screams the whole time I’m in there. So if I submerged my ears just to clean them I would take 3 minutes, too. But I get in that isolation booth to decompress sweetie, since it’s the only place I can (kind of) do it. And if that takes 10 minutes, well then bite me.

  21. Remind me not to cross you!
    If her looks are any indication, I think the 3 minutes are working for Jen, she sure looks nice. …..I wonder if she smells ok?
    And Oprah, I doubt if she really cares about texting, I think she just does these things from time to time to see if her followers are still obedient.

  22. Love it! I agree, Oprah is rediculous!

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