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Dust Bunnies Take Blogger’s Family Hostage – News at 11!

Please help!

I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed and I need some advice. My family’s nutrition is suffering and the dust bunnies are multiplying at an alarming rate.


My name is Jane.

And I’m a blogaholic.

I’ve been blogging for almost 6 months now and I can’t stop. I can’t stop reading blogs. I can’t stop writing posts. I can’t stop commenting. I now lie to cover up my addiction. “Mommy’s working. Just pull up your pants. Daddy can wipe you when he gets home.”

It all started with that silly movie, Julie & Julia. I love Meryl Streep. I love Amy Adams. I love to cook. What’s not to love? So, despite the movie reviews, I loved the movie. I checked out the blog. Hmmmmm….

No offense, Julie Powell, but I wasn’t blown away. And neither was the real Julia Childs.  When asked about her opinion of the blog she said, “She just doesn’t seem very serious, does she?”  While I was reading the blog it seemed as if book/movie deal was ALWAYS on Julie Powell’s mind, more so than the actual cooking. It was entertaining, sure. But I wondered what spark ignited such an entertaining movie. And I realized it was the creative genius of Nora Ephron. She realized a captivating story within the premise, the idea of the blog.

Now, to Julie Powell’s credit she was one of the first paid-for-movie-rights bloggers. A pioneer in the money-making business of blogs. Who knew?

I realize blogs had been around for almost a decade before I finally discovered them. Wait. Scratch that. I knew blogs existed. I followed more “professional” blogs. What I didn’t know was that simple, insignificant, lil’  ‘ol me could actually create one. For fun. If Julie Powell could do it, surely I could do it. I wanted to check it out.

And so Theycallmejane’s Blog was born. (cue fanciful music, shining light from the heavens and angels singing in the wings)

I wrote for myself. I checked out other bloggers like me. I commented. They commented here. I read some more. I wrote some more. I commented some more.  I found myself on some of your blog rolls. I figured out how to have my own blogroll. I received my first award. I gave out my first award. And then more and more of you found your way here. So I wrote faster. I read faster. I commented faster. And you still kept coming back for more.

A tiny little snowflake of an idea was growing into an avalanche inducing snowball. I would spend hours at the keyboard. I remember one day (and this is the honest to God truth) I dropped the kids at school, ran through the drive-thru at Starbucks for my beloved Caramel Macchiato, came home, sat down at the computer, typed and read to my heart’s content and suddenly I was feeling a little light headed. I felt faint, nauseated, dizzy. I looked at the clock. I had been sitting at the computer for a full four hours with nothing but a sugary coffee drink to sustain me since the dinner I ate almost 18 hours before.

I’ve been known to check the length of a movie (choosing the longest one) before popping it into the DVD player (just did it). When someone calls and asks if they caught me in the middle of something I’ll say, “Oh, I was just folding the laundry. What’s up?” I’ll race around the house 15 minutes before my husband gets home, pile all the clutter into a laundry basket and before I actually pull out what’s for dinner I start sauteing onions (Makes your house smell like you’ve been cooking all day long. It works! Trust me on this one.)

I mean it. I’m pathetic.

How do you all do it? When do you find the time? How much time do you spend at it? Is your family suffering? How do you decide who gets on your blogroll? How many blogs do you really read daily? Do you feel pressure to comment? What about responding to comments? Every comment or just some of the comments? Do you have dust bunnies the size of the Mall Easter bunny wallowing in dark corners? Do your butt cheeks hurt from sitting on that hard chair for hours at a time? Do you Google search for 5 minute meals to serve your family?

I’m not kidding.

I need help.

Serious help.


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