People! It’s JUST snow!

They closed the schools with just the threat of a little snow today. And it did snow today. A few inches.

Now, I learned to drive in Michigan. But I only weathered four winters there before moving south. So I am out of practice when it comes to driving in snow. It can be tricky. But I drove all over in it today. No big deal.

It’s just snow, people!


The roads are clear. The high in the upper 30’s. No ice on the roads. We got maybe 2 inches and it’s almost all melted as I type this post.

And they cancelled school for tomorrow, too!

People! It’s JUST snow!


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20 responses to “People! It’s JUST snow!

  1. suzicate

    It’s pretty. It’s snowing here right now!

  2. As a Canadian, let me just say — HA! And also (snort).

  3. We’re supposed to get another 8 inches tonite/tomorrow. AAAAH! Probobly no school closing tho.
    We did close 2 years ago for an early dismissal due to HEAT in June. Sounds crazy, but our schools have no AC . Only time that happened.
    Drive safe…

  4. Yes, ha! In Canada, depending on the region, they’ll cancel school if you can’t physically walk through the several foot snow drifts. Just rubbing it in a little. 😉

    Okay, actually here in the Maritimes, they’ll cancel school for a lot less — like slush, potentially icy roads, but not usually just snow.

    Pretty though; enjoy it while you can!

  5. The pics are great…love the branches….

  6. Giggling at that little piddly snowfall!

  7. Well when we get “just snow” in the UK, the country falls to pieces, actually it falls to pieces without the snow too, but that’s another point. You Americans handle snow so well I think.

  8. I’m sending this to a friend in Virginia who loves the snow and can’t stand all the negativity and OH NO I hate snow she’s had to listen to for the past few months. Seriously, it’ll be too hot next. Good post.

  9. unabridgedgirl

    Wait. Hold on. Are those pictures (CUTE PICTURES!) of the current snow that school was cancelled for? SERIOUSLY? That is just funny.

  10. angelcel

    Well…[AC twiddles fingers]…you’re so far south does anybody bother to change over to cold weather tyres for the winter? Everything shuts here with the merest whiff of a snowflake and I know how frustrating that is. However, snow is so rare here that, unlike continental Europe, we don’t bother to change to winter tyres. Mi amore (a bit of a car fanatic) tells me that regular tyres can become dangerous in very cold conditions, actually losing some of their grip. I think that’s why we all seem like a bunch of pansies when the white stuff starts to tumble.

    End of strokey beardy clever clogs stuff!

  11. HA! Being from the Rocky Mountains, I always marvel at the rest of the country’s response to those little white flakes…enjoy the snow day–my kids haven’t gotten one in 13 years of school in Utah!

  12. Snow!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!! Run for the hills. -Wait. I mean, run South! God, I hate snow.

  13. This is exactly how I feel whenever people in the warm states complain about 2 inches of snow. BUT of course, I can’t say it. So you said it! 😉

    Cute kid! & my kids would be so jealous. They haven’t got any snow day this winter. Even on days when I shoveled 4 times in two days…

  14. I agree. 2 inches is the PERFECT amount 🙂 Just enough to make everything look pretty, but not nearly enough to make things difficult or messy to get around.

  15. Hilarious. Boston would have called that a dusting and opened schools on the weekend to catch up after having real snow days.
    Sigh. I guess it’s all relative.

  16. I miss the days with just enough snow to make everything glitter… I’ll take snow over this unusual hot muggy weather we’ve been having on this side of the Pacific.

  17. I am behind – as usual – in my reading. I am laughing at this, though. Until this recent storm where my house picked up about 26″ of snow over two days, we have had two small storms with accumulation and two snow days. Both of those days, even though schools were closed, I had to travel. Okay, the first one in Dec I had to travel and the second one in Feb I chose to travel. I have been driving in snow my whole life but remember my fascination with a city in WV that shut down after an inch or so.

  18. Your story reminds me of President Obama, newly transplanted from Chicago, making fun of the DC school system last year when they canceled school for an inch of snow. You can imagine how well that comment went over!

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