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The Six Degrees of Separation in Blog World. No, Make That Four. No, Three. How About One?

I did a little experiment the other day. Taking your advice (when I was feeling over-blogged — ooooo, I like that word!) I’ve decided to only post 5 days a week, read/comment on blogs that I can and then, if time warrants – do more reading and commenting over the weekend. But no posting on the weekend!

Thanks, all! I feel so much better.

So Saturday, to start my weekend browsing, I clicked on Kristen’s blog, Motherease. We traded spaces on Friday and I was reading the comments left by others. Sure there were some new names/faces but I noticed many familiar ones, too. So I clicked on one — becca at Drama for Mama. And I noticed that her blogroll had a favorite of mine, The Kitchen Witch. That’s where I found my friends at: Bad Mommy Moments, Absense of Alternatives and Naptime Writing. Which led me to: My Wildlife’s Words and MerrilyMaryLee’s blog.

Then I thought: I wonder how many clicks it would take to get from Unabridged Girl to Ivy League Insecurities? Ready? Set? Go!

Click Suzicate at The Water Witch’s Daughter. Then click Maureen at Island Roar. Then there’s Aidan at Ivy League Insecurities.

Too easy!

I never realized how inter-click-nected we are. This is just a small sampling of the blogs I try to read daily.

I can easily read just about every blog I love – never clicking my blogroll, never opening my favorites folder. Simply by clicking your links in the comments sections or on other blogrolls.



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