Sometimes I’m Perfect. Sometimes? Not So Much.

My lack of sleep is making me grumpy. And I almost featured a grumpy song today. But I don’t want to be grumpy. Music always pulls me out of a funk and this funky song made me smile. It reminded me that bad moods are fleeting. Just hang on another day. And keep trying.

“Sometimes, i feel like i can do anything
Sometimes i’m so alive…so alive” – I’ve experienced this invincibility more now that I’ve had children. Of course, they reinforce that with their expectation that I can fix anything from xBox remotes to scraped knees. I am most alive when I am around them, feeding off their energy. And yes, sometimes I feel like Supermom.

“Sometimes, i wanna cry” – Every parent has deep, dark moments. I am no exception. Overwhelmed. Scared they’ll show up on the Dr. Phil show one day. Paranoid that they’ll only have bad memories of their childhood. Or a flood of tears hearing about another parent struggle with a child with cancer or an untimely death. Please spare me that pain, I pray silently.

“Most people try to aim to please
But a lot of them are kinda weak at the knees” – That’s me. I’m not the pleaser I used to be but I still hate to say “No.” Especially to my kids. I’m easily manipulated. I’m a master at avoidance. This trait has not served me well.

“One minute gotcha holdin’ an ace
The next minute gotcha fall on yer face” – Mostly an optimistic person. But there are times when things are going so well I hold my breath, waiting for my luck to change.  And then it sneaks up on you. Bam!

“A mean city is a nasty place
Only a rat can win a rat race!” – Isn’t that the truth? We moved closer to “The Big City” to expose our children to more diversity. And sometimes it was more than we bargained for. The price of an education.

“Peace to the people who be fallin’ away
To make it home today
And peace to the people who be tryin’ to find
Some kinda life” – But we all want acceptance and love. We all want to be recognized for our talents and contributions. We’re all in the same boat. Striving for perfection. Just trying to do what’s best for the ones we love.

“Biggest mistakes are the humanest kind
Judge not, lest you be judged
The court room or the billy club” – We all make them. Yes, even parents. I try so hard to forgive myself. Learn from it. Move on. I can try to be the perfect mother. But I will never be perfect. I will, however, be the perfect mother for my children. Of that, I am certain.

“Peace to the people who be losin’ their head
Peace to the people who be needin’ a bed
Love to the people who be feelin’ alone
Spreadin’ love upon the microphone
Hope to the people to be feelin’ down
Smile to the people who be wearin’ a frown
Faith to the people who be seekin’ the truth y’all
All of the time…My love never stops….Never stops” 

(I suppose I’m on a Michael Franti & Spearhead kick because I’ve featured Say Hey on another post. He’s just that good! Happy Tuesday, y’all!)


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15 responses to “Sometimes I’m Perfect. Sometimes? Not So Much.

  1. I think we all fall into that Supermom trap from time to time. For a while I tried to be Wonder Woman, but then I discovered that the blue satin briefs with the white stars only made my tush look big.

    You’re right, none of us are perfect. But I AM confident that I’m the perfect mom for my kids too.

  2. suzicate

    You may not be perfect, but you’re great just as you are!

  3. When we were going through the adoption process I remember saying to the doctor who was discussing our older daughters health, “We are going to be the best parents we can”. He said “Just be good enough parents, that’s enough”.

    That’s stayed with me.

  4. Sorry you’ve had a case of the grumps! You are right–music really can help get you smiling again!

  5. I love the invincibility comment. LOVE IT. And the feelings of supermom. And feeding off your kids’ energy. It’s so true. When I find myself knee-deep in the moments with my children–reading a book and NOT waiting until LIGHTS OUT, but just REALLY READING–I do feel invincible. And light and fluffy and full of the warmth of motherhood that we ALL want to feel.

    Music so often pulls me from a funk and yet I’m constantly saying, “I don’t listen to music often enough.” Another side-effect of motherhood, I think.

    happy TUESDAY!

  6. I think we’re all just trying to find our way and do the best when really there’s no one right way or sense of direction. I’m sure to them, you the super perfect mom.

  7. unabridgedgirl

    Don’t you love when songs speak to you like this? And I’m sure your kids won’t end up on Dr. Phil.

  8. Oh can we relate to this! (And the variations of mother moods. Where’s our hazard pay??)

    A bit of music does go a long way! (Or chocolate.)

  9. Oh thanks! I love this song and video!!! GREAT!

    And do combine the chocolate with the music. Excellent suggestion from the BigLittleWolf!

  10. If you end up on Dr. Phil, then we are ALL in Big trouble!!

  11. Great post, again, Jane. I’m always amazed how much of an optimist I’ve become, how much energy and patience I have because of my kids. And it’s ok to be grumpy once in a while 😉 Keeps the kids on their toes.

  12. Thanks for the reminder that we’re not perfect, and we don’t have to be “on” every day. I so often feel like I should be on, and I don’t take the time to just get the grumpy out or turn up the radio. Sing it, Jane! =>

  13. I am embracing the “not even sometimes perfect” thing this week. It affords a certain relief! Which is good, I think …? Glad you found a song that worked better for you than the grumpy one. There’s a victory in that, no?

  14. I love me some Michael Franti! I’m glad you went against the grumpy feeling. Sometimes we know what we should do to pull ourselves out of a funk…but we still don’t do it!

  15. Steven Harris

    Perfection is different for every single one of us. We’re all perfectly ourselves, despite fashion magazines and the like desperately trying to force us to end up all looking the same. One of these days I’m going to cave in and have my teeth whitened and my face covered in fake tan. After which I’ll probably join the cast of 90210 😉

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