Jane’s Recipe For Household Disaster

Preheat home to 70 degrees.

Add two small boys who have been inside for days because of rain/cold. Open one empty pantry. Stir in a frazzled mom.

Combine above ingredients with yet another cold, wet, rainy day. Add smattering of legos, Matchbox cars and stuffed animals to family room floor. Pile laundry to ceiling and bake cookies and muffins because “There’s nothing to eat!” Leave mixing bowls on kitchen counter.

Add one dad who isn’t used to being closed in with two small boys. Heat to boiling. Cover and simmer until dad is about to explode.

Add one cranky big sister, a cat who likes to eat string and puke it up and one large dog who needs a daily walk but hasn’t had one because of rain/cold. Mix together with stacks of unsorted mail, Target bags that haven’t been emptied and put away, dirty dishes crusting in the sink and a sundry of projects left undone.

Cook, uncovered, in 70 degree house until mayhem has spread to all corners of the home.


(This, my friends, was the state of my home after a cold/rainy Sunday. Feel free to pass this recipe along to your friends!)


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25 responses to “Jane’s Recipe For Household Disaster

  1. ck

    Good heavens, woman. How did you get into my house without anyone noticing? (And seriously, a “smattering” is the PERFECT word to describe a lego mess. Though you forgot the part where a cranky mom stepped on them with bare feet.)

  2. suzicate

    What a visual!!!!!! I lived this about ten years ago!!!!!!!!! I’ll bet you couldn’t wait for Monday!

  3. Oh, that’s one recipe we all have our own version of…..Hoping you get a little sun this week; we’re supposed to get rain here. Yuck!

  4. Oh yeah that’s one receipe even I can cook! Been there! Hope things calm down soon. Now stop blogging and go and empty those Target bags!

  5. angelcel

    I was going to add the stepping on lego in bare feet thing but I see from ck’s comment that I’m not the only one to have fallen foul of this!

    The cherry on the cake is when pets join in and do their bit to add to the ambiance: “a cat who likes to eat string and puke it up”. Perfect! 😀

  6. God it sucks when you step on a Lego!

    Jane, this sounds like quite the witch’s brew! (((hugs)))

  7. It sounds like my weekend–minus the husband. He was able to escape to drill. Grk. There are a few blogs about messy houses today. I just posted my yesterday’s post today (no computer yesterday), and it was about house mess as well. And when I started to read my blog roll, I’ve come across two or three also about household disasters! Maaan…I’m feeling your pain. Frankly, I still haven’t recovered. You?

  8. unabridgedgirl

    Sounds crazy!

  9. I’m praying for sunshine on your behalf! Be careful of the Lego mine field. Those darn things really hurt!

  10. Oh yeah… I have my own version of this recipe. Loads of fun, right? Honestly, if you take out the “dad” ingredient… the stew is just not as spicey. He always adds the kicker to my recipe!

  11. Steven Harris

    Light blue touchpaper. Stand well back. 😀

  12. Oh, I love when people share recipes!! : )

    I think I add my own twist–make sure the house is complete wreck BEFORE the storm hits. It always makes things better.

  13. My blood was starting to boil a bit just reading about your chaos…as I sit in my quiet office you reminded me of all the chaos of my own boys…and the chaos I will fall back to once I leave work and scoop them up.

    And we’re supposed to “enjoy these days with our kids,” didn’t ya know?


  14. I feel like that chaos is in my head at the moment! And my stomach!

  15. You all are too funny! Thanks for all the support! (And p.s. to Joe – Target bags are emptied and put away) Thank God the kids had school today. The house is finally in order!

  16. I’m starting to hate rainy days. They were so much better when you could curl up with a good book all day.

  17. I smiled all the way through this post. I think this recipe is being used all over the world.

  18. I have a slightly different variation of that recipe, and I am all too familiar with it!!

  19. Don’t think I want to try to replicate that recipe, thanks just the same! But, I did enjoy reading it and glad the visual in my head happened at YOUR house and not mine! LOL

  20. The cat-puke-and-string and the large dog whose pitiful eyes will just not stop are the essential ingredients, I think. At least chez moi today. (Luckily, we’re fresh out of Legos.)

  21. You got me laughing! I do have sympathy though, it’s just I loved the way you put it into a recipe like that.

    Seriously, though, rain and cold do make a very lousy Sunday. I suppose there was also nothing good on TV to relax with and fall asleep in front of?

  22. Umm, no thanks. I love to swap recipes, but I just don’t think I want to recreate this particular one. 🙂

  23. sounds like a recipe for disaster. 😉 What a cute post – I can tell you are going to quickly become one of my faves! Adding you to my blogroll today!

  24. This is brilliant! You pegged it to a T.

  25. You were missing the key ingredient….WINE!!! 🙂

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