Please Give Your Best Answer

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23 responses to “Please Give Your Best Answer

  1. angelcel

    Hehe…and the thing is, they’re *right*! 😀

  2. this is hysterical! thanks for the giggle.

  3. suzicate

    HAHAHA…gotta love the logic!

  4. Steven Harris

    Hard Water was the sequel planned by Charles Dickens for Hard Times, in which he intended to follow the lives of drops of rain as they fell into London sewera and lost their innocence. The publishers thought it would be ahead of its time so he wrote Little Droplet instead. 😉

  5. And…curtains!!

    Gotta love it!

  6. I burst into laughter. Thanks for this! I loved it ^_^.

  7. HA! They do say, if you don’t know the answer, try to put something down for partial credit …

  8. Is it just me? I think that is the perfect answer. A+

  9. This is TOO good!

    (So what would soft water be?? We’d need to ask a kid… )

  10. LOL Can you imagine the teacher’s face when s/he read that?

  11. Can’t argue with that!

  12. Maybe Worksheets 1 through 22 made his hand cramp, so he was going for brevity. (Look at me, assuming he’s a he … shame!) Also, love your new masthead photo. Easter!

  13. Excellent–thanks for the laugh.

  14. I hope they got the qusetion right! How could they not have done! Teehee.
    Houdini x

  15. I love these!! I’m a math teacher and try and find these all the time for them for a good laugh! 😉

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