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Jane’s Secrets or The Things You’re Already Thinking But Are Afraid To Say Outloud

  • I breathe a sigh of relief when I click on one of your blogs and you haven’t added a new post yet.
  • My kids watch way too much television now that I’ve started to blog.
  • No matter how many times my brain tells me differently, I still believe that if I’m eating something standing up the calories will cancel out.
  • If you’re over-the-top religious on your blog – I won’t read you. No matter how open-minded I say I am.
  • When I “agree to disagree” with my husband (no one else, it seems) I’m really still seething inside wondering why in the world he is so stupid and can’t see it my way.
  • While I don’t want a Blogspot blog, sometimes I hang out at The Kitchen Witch or Inktopia just to cruise their blogrolls. They read many of the same blogs I do AND Blogspot has this handy feature with updated post titles and time stamps for your blogroll. Yes. I have blogroll envy. Big time!
  • Asymmetrical haircuts. I don’t get them. I see them less and less so  maybe they’re on their way out. (God, I hope so.) Cut short and neat in the back and trailing long past your ears to your chin. Short or long? Make up your mind! So when I smile and say, “Oh, It’s very YOU!” I mean to say, “Whaaaaaaat were you thinking?!?”
  • I play favorites. With my children. But that can change minute to minute. And they all get a turn.
  • And I don’t Tweet or Twitter – ’cause I’m not a Twit. Oops. I just offended the majority of my readers, didn’t I? Really. It’s not a criticism. I’m writing about that which I do not know. Please. Enlighten me. I have no clue what the big deal is.


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