Linus Had His Blankie


And my son has Doggy!


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8 responses to “Linus Had His Blankie

  1. suzicate

    I have two Godchildren who have “puppies”.

  2. awwww. that is precious. I also had a blankie; once I hit a certain age (5?) my mom started to trim off an inch or so everytime she washed it, hoping, I guess that by slowly disappearing I would be gently weaned from it. No. After several of these trimmings I held it up and cried out loud, “You’re washing my blankie away”! . . . she stopped.

  3. My son has a blankie and in order to wash it I have to say, blankie needs a bath. And even then he’ll sometimes sneak it out of the washing machine before I can turn it on.
    What a cute pic of him watching doggy!

  4. Mel

    Oh that is so cute! hope everything came out ok in the wash!

  5. Steven Harris

    I had a blankie. It was a blue ‘teddy cover’ which can be seen in some very early baby photos of me. I managed to keep it, faded almost white and with the embroidered teddy bears having practically vanished, until I was about 19 at which point my mum threw it away. I still feel sad about that. Wouldn;t have been much use for my own kids but I’d still like to be able to get it out of storage now and then and look at it. Or maybe my wife could have made it into a teddy for me?

  6. My son has his belly button. No kidding: he has cuddly toys, too, and he likes them, but nothing compares to his belly button, which he holds with both hands when he’s upset, tired or asleep.

  7. ck

    Awwww! if you added lamentations and tears it would be the image of my younger daughter. I literally have to wash hers in secret.

  8. Like Alex, I have to tell the kiddos it’s bath time for the loveys; otherwise, we have major, snot-filled meltdowns. And if they’re not dry by dinnertime? Forget it.

    PS: Love your front-loaders!! Have you been pleased with them?

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