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A Blogger’s Law of Averages

1. Half of the blogs out there boast an average of 100 – 249 words per post.  I average about 400 – 600. Hmmmm, seems I’m above average.

2. The average blog reader spends about a minute and a half at your blog before moving on. That’s a lot of speed readers out there.

3. The average lifespan for a homosexual is between 43-46 years of age. Ok. I’m not going to even credit the source because their statistic is surely faulty and full of garbage. Let’s just say it popped up when I was searching blog lifespan averages and out of curiosity I clicked on it to see what the bozos are talking about. I can’t believe there are people out there that believe this crap.

4. Two thirds of all bloggers are male.  Another site claims 51% are male. Not in my world. I have a feeling we women are gaining on them. And I’m sure all three of my male readers will attest to that.

5. Bloggers that describe themselves as “snarky?” 16%. I must run in the wrong circles. ALL of my blogging buddies are the sweetest, most wonderful people I know. I’ll bet they don’t even know what snarky means!

6. The average for blog updates is 2-3 times a week. Good to know. When I started, I gave myself a goal of 6 times per week. I’ve adjusted that to 5 times per week. Lately, I’ve been considering just 4 times per week. Looks like I’m well on my way to becoming a statistic.

7. “Fewer than 10% of bloggers say they don’t know the traffic to their blogs.” Now THIS I believe. Especially with how many posts I see out there lamenting on how they’re embarrassed to admit that they envy other popular bloggers, or posting tips on how to receive more comments, increase traffic, etc. Sometimes I think blogging only enhances our insecurities.

8. The average age of a blogger is between 25 and 44 years of age. Oh. My. God. I am officially an old-timer!

9. Do a Google search about “blogs about nothing” and you will receive 223,000,000 hits. That’s an awful lot of people hanging on Seinfeld’s coattails.

10. There are more bloggers out there obsessing over their statistics than I ever  imagined. And after reading their exhaustive research I’ve decided I don’t want to become one of them. I enjoy writing for me. And when it pleases you, too, all the better!

(Interesting sidenote: while researching for this post I found myself very disappointed in the availability of “current” information. All of the above data is from 2005-2010. I wouldn’t even read a post if it was published over 5 years ago. That was TOO old. Sign ‘o the times, eh?)


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