Scream On, Siobhan! At Least Jane Is Still Listening.

It’s 36 hours later and I’m still bummed.

American Idol said goodbye to Siobhan Magnus.

I know she isn’t polished. She isn’t mainstream. She is a bit quirky. She has tattoos and piercings and wears eclectic clothing combinations.

Maybe that’s why I like her.

Oh yeah, and she can sing. Really sing. And scream the notes – which she’s been criticized for, but hey, I like screaming. Especially in rock music.

Siobhan reminds me a bit of Amy Lee. You remember Amy. Lead singer for Evanescence. When I first heard their song “Bring Me To Life” I was hooked. Loved their sound. Erroneously thinking that it was a rock band with both  male and female singers (the male singer in “Bring Me to Life” is guest Paul McCoy – helping out for just one song). I bought the album and was horribly and hopelessly disappointed. Amy Lee can only sing about 5 notes. Not even a full octave. Siobhan, on the other hand, has full command of a few octaves. Same clear, beautiful tone. Same rock edge. But fantastic range.

Ellen DeGeneres complimented Siobhan because she “marched to the beat of her own drummer.” I suppose that’s why I like her, too. She isn’t a cookie-cutter. She always seems true to herself.

“I do what I do because it rests well on my heart,” she once said.

Each week I voted for her whether I thought her performance was stellar or not. I wanted her to succeed because she was different, packed with a good bit of talent. I didn’t know too much about her until she was voted off. Then I started doing a bit of background information so I could write an informed post about her.

On Wikipedia, I found out she is 20 years old and has had the typical high school musical and choral experiences, as well as taking part in a struggling alternative rock band. She’s an apprentice glassblower. She was on the wait list at Berklee College of Music when she auditioned for American Idol last summer. I love it that she felt out-of-place in college because she was a “non-partier.” With her “bad girl” image with tattoos and piercings, I love that she appears to have a solid head on her shoulders, down-to-earth, confident and devoted to her family.

And I love her parting quote: “I have faith that everything happens for a reason. I couldn’t be luckier.”

Oh, and I love her screams. I do. Sue me. There’s a little rocker chick, deep inside me, that loves gut wrenching screams. Her best songs have a bluesy, dark rock and roll sound. I loved her renditions of “Painted Black” and “House of the Rising Sun.”

So, I’m sad to see her go. I’m one of those dorks who actually votes. And this is about the time when my dark horse is voted off and I lose interest in voting. Sure, the remaining contestents have talent. They’ll all have opportunites to sell records.  But none of them is as unique, quirky and fun as Siobhan. 

Scream on, Siobhan! Can’t wait to see what you do next.


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19 responses to “Scream On, Siobhan! At Least Jane Is Still Listening.

  1. ck

    Oh, Jane. You can’t deny it – she peaked weeks ago. Sure there were at least two people who could’ve gone home before her, but it was her time. (Not that I watch the show or anything…)

  2. angelcel

    Well, when I first started listening to this I was thinking to myself: ‘Crumbs the others that are left must be *seriously* talented people.’ Then it went on…and on.. and I have to admit that by about two thirds of the way through I felt as if my eardrums were being clubbed. She has a fab voice, but ~IMHO~ could definitely do with toning down the yelling a bit. I HEAR YOU GIRLIE – THERE’S NO NEED TO YELL AT ME! :p

  3. She’s actually pretty good! Okay, damn good. She should start a chick-rock band. I love women who sing rock, and there aren’t enough of them.

    Oh yeah, and I have a soft spot for her now because you wrote that she’s tattooed and pierced [as am I] but not a partier [and I am not either]. Plus, she’s only a year older than me. Cool ^_^.

  4. I don’t watch, but I’ve always loved that name. (How exactly do you say it??) And I always root for the tattooed, pierced non-partier … It’s more fun that way! =>

  5. suzicate

    I liked her, too. However, I have never ever voted for anyone on AI even though I usually like watching…it kind of lost it’s luster for me this year.

  6. I dunno listening to that video there is something about the timbre of her voice I don’t like. I don’t mind the screaming, if it’s the right key. I found myself turning down the volume. 😀

  7. An American Idol post! Woo Hoo!

    I also loved Siobhan. She seemed wise beyond her years. So eloquent. So original. So proud. If I were her mom I would be DAMN proud of her… for all she did and the way she defended EVERYTHING she chose and the way she sang her heart out.

    I also vote (ahem). And I loved voting for her each week and hoped she’d go further (farther?) than she did.

    But she’ll have success… I’m sure of it. I’m also sure she’ll NOW get into Berklee!

  8. I haven’t watched since the second season since Ruben Studdard won when Clay Aiken should have. Don’t worry, I’m not bitter. 😉

  9. She wasn’t my favorite…but I did like how she stayed true to herself!!

  10. Aaaawww. I’m not watching it this season and I have to say, I kind of miss the emotional roller coaster that goes along with it. Does that mean I am a drama queen?


  11. I love her screams too, and believe me, if I could scream like that, I’d be screaming all the time! I loved her and was surprised to see her go!

  12. I haven’t been following AI, but yes, Amy Lee. She got me with “Bring Me to Life,” too. Evanescence’s first CD is good for continuous screaming if you don’t have a stereo that can handle a lot of range … ? (Ours is a lower-end boombox circa 1996.)

  13. I liked her from the get go. But I knew she wouldn’t win. I figure it will come down to Crystal and either Lee or Michael. But I really really like Shiobhan! That girl can sing and just think about it… it’s usually the ones that DON’T win that have the bigger careers… usually….

  14. I have not been watching Idol this season but, my husband watches it faithfully. I am going to have ask him about Shiobhan.

    I like screamer chicks too. It reminds me when Alanis Morisette (sp?) was broken hearted and angry…her music was emotionally raw and I loved it. she said things, that most of us girls were only thinking.

  15. I liked her because she was different. America wasn’t ready for that apparently.

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