Lust. It Does A Body Good.


Seriously? I’m supposed to write about lust?

My heart is beating in overdrive right now. I’m about as shy as they come. I blush VERY easily. And I don’t kiss-and-tell.

How am I going to write about lust?

So I did what I do best.

I Googled lust.

(51,300,000 results in .25 seconds)

Wikipedia has a definition for lust that includes: “Lust, or a desire for the flesh of another, is considered a sin in the three major Abrahamic religions when indulged outside of marriage.”

Which made me smile, remembering Jimmy Carter’s “lust in his heart” comment.

The Urban Dictionary has 29 definitions. But they’re all essentially the same and many of them use words in their examples that I don’t use….well, that I don’t use here.  And don’t forget. At Urban Dictionary dot com you can buy mugs, magnets and t-shirts about lust.

The third Google result is a quiz. “Is it Lust or Love?” For teens! Really? Well, I suppose that’s good. Teens can discern whether it’s lust or love in on the privacy of their own computer. I remember THAT conversation with my daughter very well. We’re whizzing done the Interstate at 70 miles per hour (so she can’t jump out) and I’m explaining alternatives to sexual intercourse. She’s so embarrassed that she’s curled up in a ball, face pressed against the window, saying, “Mom! Please! Stop!” and Yahoo! Answers have definitions on lust. The Catholic church has something to say about lust (I’ll bet they do!). Yada, yada, yada….

And then I found: Book Lust. “A Community For People Who Love Books” with Nancy Pearl. OMG. My kind of woman! Discussion groups. Online reading groups. Recommendations. Reviews. Contests and interviews. (You know where to find me as soon as I finish writing this post!)

There were lots of religious sites talking about lust. Dante’s Inferno covers lust. But honestly, I didn’t research all 51 million hits. I was too afraid I’d come across porn.

(Real conversation that just happened!   Me: Can you please go watch TV or something? I really need to finish this post. #2son: No. I wanna play with my imagination. Me: Then can you play with your imagination somewhere else, please? #2son: Fine. (stomping off) Boy, SOMEONE has issues! — Boy-oh-boy, he ain’t kiddin’!)

Lust. It may do a body good. It may be a sin. It may be the greatest temptation. And like Jimmy, I have lust in my heart. But I can’t write about it.

But you can be darned sure that I’ll be reading all of your posts about lust.

Hey, I said I was shy. I didn’t say I wasn’t curious!

(This post is part of the Five For Ten project at Momalom. Please visit their site for more wonderful posts on Lust. Or click the button below to find out how YOU can participate!)


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19 responses to “Lust. It Does A Body Good.

  1. Since I don’t drink Milk, I like your sign very very much.

    p.s. Where do you use those words you found on Urban Dictionary that you don’t use here? Let me know I’ll join you there. 😉

    p.p.s. TOTAL COP OUT! LOL

  2. Jen

    Love Nancy Pearl. And you’ll see that I posted about book lust, in a sense, too.

  3. haha!!!! i just may go read that link to nancy pearl.

  4. “Lust” and “body” in the same subject line. Yikes. I was too afraid to read the rest. 🙂

    Kudos to <eyou for communicating with your daughter. I was just talking with someone who said their parents never discussed sex with them. What a cruel thing to do to your child. 😦

    I've tried real hard and that's all I can think of about this particular topic at this time. 🙂

  5. Very creative. I Googled it, too. And looked it up on the thesaurus and dictionary online. None of it really helped. It’s a tricky, tricky subject.

  6. Oh, Jane – you made me laugh!

    You did provide us some great definitions and food for thought. (I also enjoy book lust.) I did, however, avoid “shoe lust” (a distinct possibility) and went for the classic, but decked out with a bit of lingerie…

    Funny read! (That Jen and Sarah. They are putting us through our paces, aren’t they!)

  7. I’m a blusher as well… And I blushed just thinking about how the heck to broach this topic!
    Thanks for all the information!! 🙂

  8. Liz

    Your last sentence made me smile.

  9. Christine

    Fantastic!! Love this one…and yes my curiosity is huge on this one. (What does that REALLY say about us?)

  10. You’re funny!! Did you read mine today? I had to tell my mom not to read today! 😉

  11. I am so going to have the sex talk in the freeway now. Thanks for the idea.

  12. I wrote a lust post that I scrapped once I read most of everyone’s because I think many are in the same boat as you. Copping out with lust for everything other than the sexual kind. I jumped on the bandwagon eventually, afraid of standing out this time, just in case there’s something unspoken in this community that banishes those of us who “dare to go there”…

    Maybe I will muster enough courage to post the original one down the road. Maybe.

    • Justine, I hope you’ll revisit your original post! I didn’t have one in me – the things I can’t share just don’t write themselves. But I admire that you were almost there. I stayed away from Google on this one!

  13. You are so funny! I love how, just when you’re “researching” lust, your son decides to keep you company! That *so* would happen to me.

  14. unabridgedgirl

    Hahahah! This post is great, Jane! And the picture is perfect.

  15. suzicate

    Oh, Jane, you crack me up! I had a hard time with this one as well. (What happens in the bedroom, stays in the bedroom!)…and you just never know who is reading your blog, boy, did I find out about that one, so I’m a little more careful now. Seriously, I found out a minister from my hometown (I’ve never met him!) is a reader!

  16. I wondered how on earth I could write about lust in such a way that I would not want to die of embarassment because my mother-in-law and both of my husband’s sisters read my blog, so all topics must be suitable for the Christian Coalition faction of my family.. I nearly took the cop-out route, too… still pretty tame, but am finding LUST easier to cover than YES!

  17. Loved your post! I think you expressed how a lot of us felt about this topic!

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