‘Scuse Me While I Kiss This Guy

Utterly and completely uninspired for my Tunes For Tuesday post I stumbled across this site: Kiss This Guy – The Archive of Misheard Lyrics. After being utterly and completely amused for over an hour I decided to share the fun. Below are 10 misheard lyrics. See if you can guess the original song. I will post the answers at the end of tomorrow’s post.

Good luck!

1. “Saving his life from his warm sausage tea”

2. “Shake it like a Polaroid preacher”

3. “Slow motion Walter, the fire engine guy”

4. “A Llama gone convex”

5. “It’s too late to order fries”

6. “See that girl, watch her scream, kicking the dancing queen”

7. “Hold me close. Tie me down, sir”

8. “Hit me with your pet shark”

9. “Thought my mom sat on you”

10. “It doesn’t make a difference if we’re naked or not”


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16 responses to “‘Scuse Me While I Kiss This Guy

  1. My all-time favorite is my sister’s take on “Strange Magic.” She was 12 at the time and she and her friend cracked up when they heard that song, “Strain My Dick.” I still can’t hear anything but their lyrics when that song plays.

    • That IS soooo funny! I have a feeling we’re all going to be giggling today with other misheard lyrics. Don’t be shy – please share. I could use the laughs!

  2. I LOVE song lyrics. When I hear a song that I like I have to learn all of the lyrics to it, and I pick them up pretty quickly. But if there’s a word/phrase that I can’t understand, I Google it. It’s a quirk of mine. When I was young (with no internet), I would rewind/play/rewind/play until I figured it out, and then I would practice the song until I could sing it word-for word!

    These are hilarious. I’m pretty sure I figured out all of the songs except for one – #4: “A Llama gone convex”. Off to Google it now! 🙂

  3. This is so funny. Can’t wait to see the answers tomorrow!

  4. Oooh – a game! I love games.
    1. Bohemian Rhapsody. I know it’s “monstrosity” because we sang it in sixth grade choir. Seriously.
    2. Outkast – Roses
    5. I think this Timbaland song might resonate with me more if it really were about not being able to order fries…
    6. Ha! Abba lyrics are awfully easy to confuse!
    7. “Tiny Dancer” is a strange subject.
    8. As a younger person, I was more confused by Pat Benotar’s “Hell is for Children.” What is that?
    10. Oh puhlease, Bon Jovi. It so makes a difference.

  5. Here is one of my own…

    “take your pants down, and make it happen”…..

    and the song is…..
    Imagine her all showered on and flinging her hair back in cut-off sweats…..


  6. 1. Warm Sausage Tea=Monstrosity? Bohemian Rhapsody?


    3. Smoke on the Water

    4. Little Red Corvette

    5. ?

    6. Dancing Queen

    7. Tiny Dancer

    8. Hit Me With Your Best Shot

    9. Got My Mind Set on You

    10. Livin’ on a Prayer

    Damn…now 2 and 5 are gonna bug me. Fun!

    • 2. Hey ya! (Outkast)

      5. Could be:
      a) Too Late for Goodbyes (Julien Lennon)
      b) Apologize (One Republic)

      I like “Little Red Corvette” for #4! I couldn’t come up with anything for that one! But I looked it up and it’s “Loaded God Complex” from the song “Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down” (Fall Out Boy).

      Yay, that WAS fun!

  7. Jennifer–What a Feelin’ from Flashdance!!!!!

  8. Thanks. I needed that giggle. I could only figure out a couple, so I’ll be back to check the answers. 🙂

  9. Y’all are so much fun! Thanks for the giggles! Stay tuned for the answers at the end of tomorrow’s post!

  10. Bohemian Rhapsody!!

    2. Hey ya!

    3. no clue!

    4. ????

    5. Apologize?

    6. Dancing Queen!

    7. Tiny Dancer?

    8. Hit me with your best shot

    9. Got my mind set on you…

    10. Livin’ on a prayer!

    How’d I do???

  11. none

    funniest misheard lyric is to the song “Holla Back Girl” by Gwen Stefani.. a friend of mine was CONVINCED she was singing “there ain’t no harlem black girls!”

  12. karenleethompson

    My son had a good one. I can’t emember the singer but the song is ‘Bedroom Eyes’ and he always sang ‘Petrol Eyes’.

  13. I don’t know how I missed this one but the comments are funnier than the actual post. Sorry. I think I got most of them anyway (since I had read the answers FIRST and had no clue what you were talking about)…. LOL

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