The Epitome of Sidewalk Art (Or How I’m Feeling Right About Now)


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14 responses to “The Epitome of Sidewalk Art (Or How I’m Feeling Right About Now)

  1. Beautiful! Sorry to hear this matches your feelings, though. For me it’s a way of life. For you, well, that’s not too good to hear. I hope you have a great day!

  2. angelcel

    These 3D pieces of art are great aren’t they? I’m assuming you’re feeling this way because of the up-coming family event(?). Don’t worry, these things are rarely as bad as we imagine – there will be plenty of people there to buffer the impact and to mingle in the background with.

  3. That is a cool looking piece of artwork! I am sorry that you are feeling that way though 😦

  4. Chin up, Girl! You’ll get through it.

    I love these 3D pieces of art on the sidewalk – they are so cool (ok, I’ve said “cool” twice today. I’m so lame)!

    Good luck. I do hope that all goes well and not nearly as bad as you picture it will.

  5. Well, I don’t really feel like I can tell you anything, since I am, in 5 minutes, off to my own therapy appointment…

    But really, if you need anything, call. xoxo

  6. Megs

    Woah – that’s an amazing piece of art. Street art is awesome. Although its a whole lot less awesome that you’re feeling that way. I offer you long distance :hugs:

  7. What a cool piece of art. P.S. Just keep treading that water, Jane!

  8. unabridgedgirl

    It weirds me out that it’s an actual drawing! And I am sorry you feel this way. 😦

  9. Amazing sidewalk art. Wishing it didn’t have such resonance for you at the moment though.

    Big hugs and hoping there are soft pillows at the bottom of that hole.

  10. I’ve seen this before – it’s so cool!

  11. I’m sorry you are feeling stressed , I hope things improve very soon.

  12. ck

    (((big hugs, Jane)))

    And if you fall to the bottom of the chalk drawing, you won’t be alone. I’ve been stuck there for the last two weeks.

  13. I really need to SEE some sidewalk art. It CAN’T be this good!

    This heat and humidity is enough to send everyone into a blue funk. A sweaty, sticky one, headachy one.

  14. I’m sorry you are feeling like this picture. But I do adore sidewalk art. It is amazing how realistic it looks. Hope all is better in your world now.

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