Everyone Could Use A Little !!!

My friends at Bad Mommy Moments and Momalom have come up with a post idea that just tickles and stirs my soul.

Recognizing the !!! in our lives.

They call it “Intentional Happiness.” I call it brilliant!

The kids are home for the summer. I love my kids. I adore them. But underfoot 24/7? Driving me batty. Thank goodness for soccer camp. Three hours of !!!

I love to cook. I’m not a trained professional. Because my mother hated to cook, I’m self-taught. And because I’m cheap frugal, I don’t have a Kitchen Aid mixer or Cuisinart Food Processor. Sure, they’re on my wish list but who knows when I’ll break down and buy them. And my husband knows this. He knows I hesitate to buy myself anything or splurge on something frivolous.He saw me eyeing this…

…at Williams Sonoma. A salt-cellar. Whenever I use it, I feel like a chef. It feels decadent and fun. And I remember his sweet gesture.

Some call it a bribe. I call it dessert.

But never before dinner.

And dinner with Indiana Jones? The perfect !!!


(Don’t forget about our commencement speech challenge on Friday. To learn more click here!  And I discovered the prize on subWow’s blog Absence of Alternatives. Cool shirt and a great cause! See you Friday!)


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28 responses to “Everyone Could Use A Little !!!

  1. angelcel

    What a lovely idea!

  2. Love love love Indiana Jones! And so sweet to see these pictures. Your happiness is rubbing off on me! And that’s exactly the way it should be. 🙂

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  4. I feel similarly about having nice stationary on hand and these handmade espadrilles I treated myself to. Just looking at them makes me happy. (and I don’t even care if you call me materialistic!)

  5. I’d cherish dinner with Indy any day!

  6. Marvelous concept. We should all take a few minutes every day to think of our “intentional happinesses”.

  7. Jane, love the blueberry cream pie ice cream. I think ice cream could be my permanent !!!. I really need to get on this bandwagon… Thanks for your !!! moments.

  8. Great photos. Especially your little Indiana Jones – too cute! Hmm, a salt cellar… I’ve never even heard of that! How un-chef-like of me!

    I’m loving these !!! posts and sharing in everyone’s happiness. How fun!

  9. Wonderful !!! Camp, yea! I too have a list of gadgets i want for my kitchen, a couple years ago, my husband bought me a lovely new skillet. But it is HUGE. Too big for any cabinet in my old kitchen, barely fits on he stove huge. But it is still wonderful. And makes me laugh each time I use it.

  10. Mmmm… ice cream! 🙂

  11. ck

    Reocurring THREE HOURS of !!! ?

    Oh, Jane, if it wasn’t YOUR three hours, I’d be so jealous. Instead, I’ll just smile and think !!! thoughts as I spend those same three hours trying not to trip over my kids.

  12. Hooray for the !!! moments of the everyday!!!

    And, Jane, you should really think about treating yourself to a Cuisinart. Like you, I am a self-taught cook and getting a food processor as a gift changed my life in the kitchen for the better. In fact, it might just be my most !!! possession.

  13. What a great idea! Nice to come here and fun such an uplifting post!

    The photos look great too !!!

  14. Aw! Your son looks adorable, that ice cream super yummy, and I am totally jealous of your salt container. How fun!

  15. Brilliant idea! I love what you’ve !!!’ed, and I suddenly really, really want my own salt cellar. I’m impressionable like that.

  16. Why doesn’t Indiana Jones look happier? Was it because he wanted the ice cream before dinner?

    Thanks for sharing these happy moments. It’s contagious.

  17. Can Indy come to my house for dinner? And can he bring that ice cream with him? And can he then take my two older ones to three hours (!!!) of soccer camp with him?? =>

  18. Sinner with Indy?! You’re one lucky woman!
    And I think I’ll have to have another wedding before I get a Cuisinart Food Processor; I got my Kitchen Aid at my last one.

  19. Crap. I saw sinner instead of dinner just after I hit the submit button. Can we blame this on lack of sleep?

  20. Love it and can’t wait to participate!!

  21. Jen

    Grrrrrreat. And kids underfoot. Oh. My. God. I adore my children. I adore my children. I adore my children. (!!!)

  22. I need to join in on this !!! project — love the subtle little !!! in the over-the-shoulder shot, by the way.

    We have a Cuisinart, which I had never cooked with before we received it as a wedding gift. My husband is a proponent of it (he wanted it on the registry), but I can’t say I’m that big of a fan unless I need to cut up enough veggies to feed a small army …

    What am I missing?

  23. Where did you get that ice cream? Looks really tasty!

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