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And The Winner Is……

Thanks to those of you who participated in the commencement speech challenge. It was fun to participate and so much fun to read your speeches. Please, if you haven’t already, take the time to read the following:

Stacia at Fluffy Bunnies – So clever. She wrote it in haiku and called it “Stomp and Circumstance!”

Gale at Ten Dollar Thoughts – Straight shootin’ advice that is so very practical and real. I love her line:  “Work on playing to your strengths and working around your weaknesses.”

Faemom at Faemom – She claims she is not wise. I beg to differ. More practical advice with a shot of wit thrown in for good measure. She cracked me up with: “Every one is afraid. It’s facing that fear that makes us brave. Unless you hear horror music playing in the background; then I would run. But not upstairs.”

Kate at Watercoloring on the Table – In list form, she gives advice everyone should listen to. She ended it beautifully with the line: “The path you plan now is so much less interesting then what lies ahead.”

And the winner is……


And now the bad news. Or is it good news? The prize I had planned is all sold out and there are currently no plans to make more. And it was for such a great cause. I was really bummed. To encourage more sales, thus benefiting the Gulf Restoration Network, please click the picture below and then click your t-shirt size. Or check out their other great products.

So I had to find another prize. I went to my “go to” site for really great gifts, The Metropolitan Museum of Art Store online. Since we’re all writers here, I thought a journal would be appropriate. Faemom is receiving the following Vera Brushed Blossoms journal:

So yay Fae! Yay Threadless for selling out of your Gulf Restoration Network t-shirts! (Well, sort of “yay” since I wanted one and now can’t get one but “yay” for all you others who were able to snag one) And yay to everyone who participated, read the entries, commented and visited my amazing Blog World neighbors. You’re the best writing/reading buddies a gal could ask for!


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