!!! (Without the cute little !!! tags)

It’s been quite a week. Wait, make that month. Soccer camp. Dreaded trip to Michigan. Little league baseball games. A teen without a car. Committee meetings (I’m a serial volunteer.)

Kids underfoot. All. The. Time.

And me? Designated driver (or car provider) for the activities of three children. Designated entertainer for all moments in-between.

I love this !!! project. I need this !!! project. But I’m so intimidated by the cute little !!! tags others use for their pics that I just left them off this week. I need to work on crafting my own. Until then, plain pictures must suffice.

My !!! moments this week include:

Hydrangea. They just say summer to me. We have three bushes in our landscape and I’m always finagling to make room for more.

My youngest son’s photo skills…on THIS pic. The one he took just before this one? Of my cleavage. No, you can’t see it. It was deleted immediately.

My youngest son’s self-portrait. Oh, he cracks me up!


My daughter and her best friend, with all their laughter and silliness and fun! Pure !!!

!!! to you all! If I had a group pic of my dear readers, you’d be in this collage, too! Thanks for everything this week. Your love was felt and treasured.

There you have it. My !!! for this week. For more !!! visit Momalom or Bad Mommy Moments.


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20 responses to “!!! (Without the cute little !!! tags)

  1. !!! that you are participating in !!!

    I love that shot of those frisky girls!

    Send me your address and I’ll mail you an official !!! card–Sarah sent me several!

  2. My wedding bouquet was made up of blue hydrangeas 🙂 Love your !!!’s!

  3. Oh, great action shot with the girls! And LOVE those little boy smiles! Hydrangeas are so gorgeous.

  4. ck

    Those !!!s are awesome! (Especially that you had cleavage to crop – I’m so jealous!)

    PS: email me your address and I’ll send you some !!! tags today.

  5. I am glad someone else can’t figure out how to do those !!!’s – next week I am definitely going to join the !!! party then!

    I absolutely love your last photo of your daughter and her friend, that is just pure joy and delight to look at.

  6. Those are excellent !!!s. My daughter LOVES to take self-portraits. She does it all.the.time. I absolutely love the pic of the girls. That is such a !!! moment. How fun!

  7. Whoa, those girls have some serious ups! (The former basketball coach in me is salivating.) 🙂

    And your boys are delicious. What a beautiful family and beautiful mom !!!

  8. The flowers are beautiful (what color!) and kids under foot – well – when there aren’t enough around, you sort of miss it.

    Those look like !!! moments to me – and the kids – the best part !!!

  9. unabridgedgirl

    Hee! What fun photos! You’re family is so darn cute, Jane.

  10. Sounds like good week.

  11. Awesome photos! Kids just have so much joy and life it even shines through in photos!

  12. I love that last photo, well all of them but that last shot just captures youthful fun doesn’t it? If I tried that I’d probably end up in bed for a week! 😀

  13. Lovely!

    And http://www.picnik.com has free photo editing services including a really simple way to add text to photos, !!!`s included. =)

  14. Great !!! moments. Don’t fret about not having those !!! placards.

    As others have said before me, love the hops on those girls. I can imagine the smiles on their faces.

  15. Those pictures are AMAZING – I love the way you managed to catch the girls in mid jump! They look like they jumped so high!

  16. Awesome list!! I’m joining in the !!! club next week!!

  17. I love your !!! dear Jane.
    The blue Hydrangea was actually my wedding flower…and? my anniversary is tomorrow. How did you know? Now let’s see if my husband actually remembers. Whaddaya think…at like 8 pm he’ll finally say something? 🙂

    There is no need to be intimidated by the !!! cards, my dear. CK or I will send some over pronto, just say the word. I can’t tell you how lovely it is to find them tucked in the pocket of my pants, shorts, skirts; falling out of my wallet; and taking over the floorboards of my van. They’re EVERYWHERE…and a constant reminder. And BOY, do I ever need those reminders!!!

  18. Yay for !!! I too am behind on this — need to make some little cards and put them in my purse. Or back pocket. Whatever. I figure it doesn’t matter what they look like as long as they show up in a photo …

    Kids learning to use cameras always makes for fun times. I’m sure I took some wild shots by accident many a year ago, and that, of course, was when cameras used film. No deleting those!

  19. OC

    Nice! Love the last shot. 🙂

  20. !!! !!! !!! !!!


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