My Blog Is Shrinking My Clothes!

I did it again.

I threw a load of laundry into the dryer. I thought, just a few minutes. I’ll run upstairs, finish up that post that suffered through the typical dog barf-xbox argument-and-can-I-borrow-the-car interruptions. Should only take a couple of minutes and then I’ll run back downstairs, pull out my blouse, 3 t-shirts, jeans, 2 skirts and a pair of capris so they can finish drying on a hanger.


Didn’t happen.


What happened is… I finished the post, looked in on a few of you, discovered a new one of you, commented, read, trolled and strolled through other blogs out there, lost track of time and now this.

Oh, if only.

More like this.

 Every time it happens I vow that it will never happen again. I will set the timer on the microwave. I will really and truly run upstairs for just one minute. I WILL remember to take my clothes out while they’re still damp.

But my blog just sucks me in. Or YOUR blog sucks me in and I can’t break away.

I’m trapped between amazing, beautiful, comical words, genius ideas and a hard place. No. A tight place. Right around the waistline or neckline or sleeve. Two inches shorter than an hour ago.

Shrink. Shrank. Shrunk.

At least I can stop blaming that bowl of ice cream I had last night.

Oh, you wonderful bloggers out there. I’m doomed.


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29 responses to “My Blog Is Shrinking My Clothes!

  1. If blog-hopping was an exercise, I’d be Ms. Universe.

    My sympathies! (But I’m sure it was the dryer!)

  2. So THATS whats been happening to MY clothes as well! Here, I was blaming myself and my daughter for making me go to the ice cream store while its been so hot….

    Thank you for giving me an excuse! I like that better than me just not having self control.

  3. Wonderful, I loved this, thank you for making me smile this morning! Well my clothes are not suffering but I confess the pizza I was baking for lunch became a burnt offering charcoaled beyond resurrection one day last week when my ten minutes of blogging turned into many more and I totally forgot about it!

  4. LOL. Well, the way it happened here was me sitting on my behind all day so, yup, clothing “shrank” not me “growing”… 😉

  5. I tell myself to set a timer, to get off the computer, but… but…
    Sorry about the clothes!

  6. angelcel

    LOL, I like subWOW’s comment – yeah, that’d be me. It’s the dryer to blame!

  7. I know what you mean; my house is dusty and cluttered, and I’m addicted, I tell you. Addicted.
    It could be worse, right??

  8. unabridgedgirl

    * Snort * Oh, Jane! You’re so cute.

  9. Hee hee….you’re hilarious! Love it!

  10. Oh, no no no…don’t you go blaming this on us! My clothes are getting looser (probably because I forget to cook in lieu of reading blogs). And clothes don’t shrink when you forget to put them in the dryer (in lieu of reading blogs). And what’s a little dirt in the house (in lieu of……well you get the idea.)

    Love the way your mind works. 🙂

  11. absurdoldbird

    At least you thought to throw things in the dryer. I tend to forget that bit, and forget to put things in the washing machine… forget to clean up, forget to do all sorts of things while I’m blogging and browsing and surfing and – I’m also addicted to this!

  12. bearyweather

    I wish my blog was shrinking me! Then, I would let it shrink my clothes . . .

  13. Guess you will have to blog naked … or put your computer and your dryer in the same room.

  14. Yeah, I juat realized that Sean was taking a beautiful conch shell and using it to pepper my mom’s good coffee table with divets. Because of your blog (and the lack of computers avaliable at my own house).

  15. Hehe. This made my day. Ah, the joy of shruken clothes…ops! I’ve been there.

    But, you know what shrinks my clothes? Chocolate!

  16. Well serves you right for putting that kind of clothing in the dryer for a start! I wouldn’t even put my boxer shorts in for fear of them shrinking! 😀

    And blogging, should always come before boring housework!

  17. The trick is a lower heat dry cycle. Or hang them on a clothesline. Then all that happens is they fade from the sun. But they don’t shrink. Or wrinkle. What usually happens here is that the dryer buzz isn’t loud enough – or I think “I’ll get it as soon as I finish this”. But by the time “this” is finished, I’ve forgotten the dryer buzzed. Wrinkles. So this summer I use the clothesline. So far, I’ve been able to remember to bring things in. Buzz or no buzz. Shouldn’t clothes just take care of themselves?

  18. I stink at doing laundry–I ruin everything. So you’d think that other people in this house would start doing their own laundry, right? Right????

  19. My blog forgot that it had children yesterday, and well…if you see them, let me know.

  20. But surely, Jane, surely clothing is a very minor and trivial every day matter when compared to the wonders of the ART of writing?

    *Takes off pompous artsyfartsy voice*

    Okay, that really sucks :(.

  21. Yeah — I hang everything. I think I did before I started blogging, but I definitely do now. Because it’s better for the environment. Yep, that’s why.

  22. I’m stuck and they’re shrunk with you! I’m actually a little worried about it. Let’s put out clotheslines!

  23. Well now. There is blog time and then there is regular time. As for the dryer, there is nothing like the smell of clean clothes. I’d wash them just to bury my nose in them.

  24. Funny story and sorry about your loss. I am amazed at how time flies when I am lost in blogland.

  25. Too cute Jane! Loved this. It made me chuckle.

  26. This is tooo funny! Isn’t it amazing how writing and reading blogs can take up so much of our time without our realizing it? lol!

  27. Oh noooooooooooo! Laundry and blogging indeed, mine is running right now as I type. I don’t trust myself to remember things that need to be taken out after only a few minutes. For those items, it’s hang dry or forever hold your peace over here …

  28. Ha ha!! That happens to me too…all the time. I’m doing it right now!!!!

  29. Okay, Jane…you got me…you’re added to my ever-growing list of talented female bloggers…


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