Jane’s Son Gets Into The !!! Act

“Mom!!! Can I use your camera?”

“Why do you need it?”

“I’m doing a project.”

“What kind of project?”

“Just a project…..”

Looks like my son wants to get into the !!! act…

Just a regular day at Jane’s house…

Little signs of creativity and fun left in every room…

Even in the bathroom!!!

Honestly! I didn’t stage this. This, my dear friends, is my life.

(You can get into the act, too!!! Just check out Momalom and Bad Mommy Moments for more info and inspiration!)


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12 responses to “Jane’s Son Gets Into The !!! Act

  1. Well at our house it is a similar story, just fluffy animals, stones, feathers and other such inexplicable delights spread just about everywhere!

  2. Too cute Jane. It was nice to see a glimpse of a little boy’s life. My life is full of princesses, baby dolls and flower barrettes.

  3. Looks like a lot of fun – I personally love Lego’s!

  4. Love it!!! My kids get into it too…isn’t that the best?

  5. Oh that cracked me up – love it!

  6. I am so totally diggin’ your boy right now. Reminds me of my oldest guy…”Mom, Mom, take a picture of my Lego Empire State building.” He’s so proud, the poor kid, at his mishmash of lego colors thrown together in a solid block…calling it the Empire State Building is a little TOOO kind, but for him it’s a major reason for some !!!

    Intentional? Aw yeah!

  7. I love it when the kids take pictures. It’s one way (easier too) to see the world through their eyes. (Our house is full of Legos too)

  8. These little dioramas are great…until they’re in your bed. Or invisibly camouflaged in the rug, until you get the vacuum out…

  9. Love these! And it makes me think about showing our kids !!! and teaching them to find the !!! for themselves. Because life can be pretty full of 😦 without !!!

  10. ck

    I love when the good stuff we have inside passes to our kids. Awesome.

    (PS: did you get the !!!s I sent? Not that the photos need to have them or anything, I just wanted to make sure that I sent them out to the right address. I’ve been known to mislabel…)

  11. Love seeing projects like this–in someone else’s house–where I can’t step on them!

    I love little boys’ imaginations!

    PS Did you read that Newberry book yet–When I Find You? Grandson (age 12) loved it and so did I. Has talk of time travel.

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