If It Can’t Go In The Dishwasher Or Washing Machine? I Don’t Want It!

Call me crazy but if it’s dry clean only? Pass.

If it can’t go in the dishwasher? Pass.

When I first became a mom, I was the Director of Development at a small private school. I worked with the movers and shakers and I had to dress the part. That meant suits, linen dresses, silk scarves.

After a set of sticky fingers and the first spit-up on my delicate clothes I came up with a new rule: No dry clean only clothes allowed in my closet or on my body. Ever. (Or at least until the kids are out of the house…which means when I’m 58 and who knows what will be fashionable then) Firm in my no-dry-clean rule, I thought I had it all covered.

Then today, I read an article online called 5 Things You Should Never Put in the Dishwasher. I was intrigued.

Wood – Seriously? The dishwasher is my friend. It sterilizes everything. Every. Little. Thing. My kid’s toys. Cups. Silverware. Including my wooden spoons. Of course I wouldn’t put my beautiful teak salad bowl in the dishwasher. Wait a minute. What teak salad bowl? Oh, that’s right. I have kids. I can’t afford a beautiful teak salad bowl. That bowl on the left? $124.99! For a salad bowl. My cheap all-purpose bowl will just have to do.

Knives – Apparently, knives in your dishwasher will get chipped and dull. Now, I know this. I just choose to ignore it. Who out there hand washes all of your knives? Raise your hands. Higher. I can’t see you. Oh, wait. There’s one knife washer, there in the back. With quite a few band aids on those fingers. See? You should be using the dishwasher like the rest of us.

Crystal/Hand Blown Glass – I purposely put the crystal from my first marriage in the dishwasher hoping something will happen to it. Apparently, having stuff from your first marriage in your second marriage is bad feng shui. But I can’t bear to toss out perfectly good crystal. So, I put it in the dishwasher. Darn it. Those suckers are here to stay.

Pots/Pans – Are you kidding me? The amount of pots and pans I can go through in a given day? And if the kids are “helping” me? My husband “helps,” too. As in, “cleaning” the kitchen when I cook. And his idea of  “cleaning” the kitchen is loading the dishwasher. (I’m using an awful lot of quotes in this paragraph. Sorry. But they’re totally necessary.) Everything that isn’t nailed down goes in the dishwasher. Including the pots and pans. And I’m not complaining or telling him any differently. If I did, then I’d have to wash pots and pans. By hand. All. By. Myself. After I put away the leftovers, wiped down the counter, stove, table and chairs, and swept the floor. Basically, cleaned (no quotes necessary) the kitchen. So, no. Thank you.

Gold Trim – ? ? ? Really? Gold? Real gold? Isn’t that for display only?

I’ll never forget when we bought our entertainment center and my husband was mortified that in one of the cute little cubby drawers I put wipes and about 5 disposable (clean, of course) diapers in there. It was hidden. And it was convenient. Quick change. No need to run upstairs. He thanked me after about a day.

You have kids, your life changes. Completely. In every aspect.

So, say no to dry-clean and hand-wash only. We need all the help we can get.


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20 responses to “If It Can’t Go In The Dishwasher Or Washing Machine? I Don’t Want It!

  1. I’m right there with you on the no dry-clean only. However, I’m all about the dishwasher “rules.” My two teenage sons and I tend to butt heads on this when they have kitchen duty. No, I don’t have control issues… well, not too much. 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I SO agree. I have nothing that needs to be dry-cleaned and I can’t imagine buying anything like that. I have maybe two items that need to be hand-washed, and I didn’t know that when I bought them!!!

    Dishwasher+Me=Best Friends Forever. I’m so with you, Jane.

  3. I feel that way about linen. I LOVE the look of linen clothes. But after about 15 minutes of wearing, they look like you slept in them for a week. I have discovered “dry clean in the dryer” sheets and they have saved me a ton on dry cleaning bills. It’s an easy work-around between the washer and the dry cleaner for things that really shouldn’t go through the washer.

    I have heard the “dishwasher rules” and think some of them are ridiculous. The only time we hand wash is when the dishwasher is full to the brim and no amount of creative arranging will cram anything else in it. (with 7 people in the house, the dishwasher fills up quickly after dinner!).

    And, yes! We have diapers and wipes stashed/hidden in a few strategic places outside of Peanut’s room as well.

  4. No dry-clean only stuff, and nothing that needs ironing. But I am the least fashionable person I know. That’s okay with me. I do hand wash my wooden(not teak!!!) salad bowl and my cast iron pot and my one fancy knife. But… I had no dishwasher for three weeks last fall. Worst thing. Worse then the laundry breaking down (bundle service is excellent).

  5. angelcel

    My younger daughter, who is a fashionista, used to roll her eyes in her teens when I looked at the care labels of clothes in shops. Dry clean? Hand wash only? No thanks. The only hand-wash I’d buy were those she was prepared to lose if they couldn’t stand the ‘delicates’ cycle of our front loader. Now she’s in a home of her own and entirely responsible for her own laundry, I’m willing to bet that if I followed her clothes shopping, she too will now be found sneeking a peek at the care labels.

    As for the dishwasher? *Feel* for me peeps. I have *never* had a dishwasher in my own home. *I* am the dishwasher!

  6. I completely agree and I am single with no kids! I also don’t tend to buy things that will need ironing. I hate chores!

  7. I have the exact same rules around here. Although Neil got me a fancy set of knives for Christmas and I’m forbidden to put them in the dishwasher. Phooey.

  8. If it doesn’t go in the dishwasher it gets thrown away!

    I don’t like the idea of salad in a wooden bowl anyway. Sets my teeth on edge thinking about it!

  9. You have kids., your life changes. Completely. In every aspect.

    Never a truer word said.

    Everything around here goes in the dishwasher too. That salad bowl looks just wonderful but keeping it looking pristine would be far too much effort 🙂

  10. Once we let those silk/linen/wool items go, they don’t come back–honest. After the kids outgrow mess, they move toward high school and college: you are even less likely to be able to afford the good stuff when you’re paying for THEIR good stuff. And somewhere in there, your body shape starts to change, so who wants to “invest” in clothes that don’t make us look thirty? After that, retirement. You no longer care how you look; you only wear things that let you start the day out at Curves and end it digging up bulbs in the back yard. Silk? Linen? Who needs ’em?

    Your solutions are good for life! Nice to know that something is.

  11. bearyweather

    I agree … down with dry cleaning (do you know how hard that is to do with the nearest cleaner 60 miles away?) … natural fabrics with easy washing are all I buy.
    However, when it comes to the dishwasher, I do have one thing that should never go in there (or in a sink of soapy) stone ware .. the bare kind like pizza stones. They absorb the soap .. no one wants to eat soapy pizza. Just scrape off with warm water.

  12. I own a couple of dry clean only blazers from my former life in the real world. So I bought the “Dryel” kit to clean them myself in my – what? washer or dryer? The kit is still intact, the blazers are still balled up waiting for attention. And most likely will be until that rare occasion where I need one arises. Of course, then what will really happen is that I’ll where one of the other two I’ve saved that are hanging in the closet under protective plastic.

    The dishwasher is another story. My hubby is not exactly pro-dishwasher anyway, so I run the risk of it being hobbled if I don’t follow the “rules”. Left to my own devices? Either what goes in comes out and is usable again, or isn’t. So be it.

  13. Like Lisa F., we also have seven people in the house…our dishwasher runs every day or day-and-a-half! I don’t know what we’d do without it! I do handwash the pots and pans, but the lids usually go in the dishwasher.

    As for things that aren’t washable, they are never bought. Ditto on things that need ironing…haven’t ironed anything in years!


  14. I use to run the dishwasher while my husband was at work because somewhere along the line his dad had told his mom certain things could never be put in the dishwasher. I have washed everything from knives to baseball hats…I do color coordinate my dishwasher tho…I use fiesta plates and like them on the shelf in alternating colors.if I load them in the dishwasher “correctly” its easier to put them away “properly.” I do have a life. Sort of.

  15. “You have kids, your life changes. Completely. In every aspect.” Jane, this says it all.

    And no going back.

  16. I am with you all the way on this one.

    And knives? Really? Using makes them dull as well, but I don’t think I’ll stop doing that.

  17. I would kill for a dishwasher since we have six people in the house. The husband says he likes doing dishes but, man, do they pile up. And the kicker? He gets mad if I get fed up with the pile and start washing them. No win here. (Lord, allow me to win some big contest and win a kitchen makeover.)

  18. Those things are ridiculous…I put them in the dishwasher!! And we have diapers and wipes in all sorts of places if anyone ever looked!

  19. I put EVERYTHING in the dishwasher! Crazy are the people who hand wash the pots and pans and knives!

    I don’t buy dryclean only clothes, but I DO use the drycleaner quite often for blouses, etc. I LOATHE ironing. We don’t iron. If it’s wrinkly, either throw it in the dryer for a few minutes or take it to the drycleaners! 🙂

  20. My family uses the dishwasher to hide snacks and food, we’ve never used one for actual dishes. Now that I’m working I do both laundry and dishes for work (I work at a spa too, go figure) and so I had to learn how to, but we hid my snacks in the dishwasher for many, many years.

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