What I Want To Know Is….?

My first year Blogaversary is coming up. And I’m very excited.

I’ve been blogging for a full year now and I’ve learned so much: how to post a pic, how to post a video, how to comment with tact (most of the time), that I really have it in me to produce 3-6 blog posts a week.

Yet I still have so many questions: Where do I want to see my blog in 5 years? What did I expect to achieve in a year? How do I handle all the comments, criticism, etc.? What’s an RSS feed? Who has time for all the wonderful blogs out there?

And then I had a brilliant idea!

Help me celebrate this wonderful blogging community we’ve created together. Let’s share the wealth. Share the knowledge. Or just share a few laughs.

On Friday, August 13th, yours truly will have been blogging for exactly one year. On that day I challenge you to post on one of the following topics: greatest gift from blogging, greatest surprise from blogging, best blog tip you ever learned, your evolution as a blogger, how do you handle all the comments on your blog?, what is your version of successful blogging?, what blog posts to you hate to see?, your favorite post topics to read, any other topic that pertains to blogging that you can think of. (Hey, I’m that easy!)

We’ll all meet back here on Friday, August 13th and link and share tips, tricks or just titters. Your choice.

Help me celebrate my year of meeting all of you! Start crafting those fabulous posts you are all so capable of writing and let’s share! The more the merrier! (Yes, this means you, little Miss Lurker. C’mon. It’ll be fun!)

(And maybe by then I’ll learn how to link more efficiently. Ck? Sarah?)


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29 responses to “What I Want To Know Is….?

  1. angelcel

    Hmm..as I’ve just started a month of blog silence, I’m going to have to think of a photo contribution to this! This could be interesting! 🙂

  2. Congrats on your anniversary, Jane!

    That’s a great idea…I wrote this post after a month of blogging:http://writerwoman61.wordpress.com/2010/04/23/one-month-down/

    I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to post on your anniversary…we’re having a 2-day Open House at our bookstore in honour of our 10th Anniversary…I hope to be too busy to post!


  3. Katybeth

    Well, I really just came to take not give :-). But I will see if I can come up with anything to contribute. In any case, I will drop by to say Good Job! Way to Go! Atta Girl.

    Happy Anniversary Week….

  4. I like the idea. I’m in!
    And congratulations on your upcoming blogaversary. How did the year feel to you: a blink of an eye, or eternity?

  5. What a great idea! Are you going to try and figure out how to make one of those badge thingies for the blog fest too?

  6. Hi Jane – congratulations on a year of blogging. I doubt I will be able to join in the fun as we will be heading off on vacation and I’ve a couple of other projects in the pipeline for the end of next week but I am interested in seeing what everyone else posts and hearing more about where you see yourself taking your blog in the next year, feeling at something of a crossroads myself right now on that.

  7. Happy Anniversary, Jane’s blog! I’ll be in NYC on Friday, but I hope you know how happy I am to have found your blog!

  8. I’ll be there to grab the tips…grab idea!

  9. I’ll be on vacation too, so it’s a wonderful idea but I may not be able to play ball, damn.

    But well done for having such a wonderful blog in such a short period of time!

  10. Oh what a neat way to celebrate, Jane! My folks will be in town when your anniversary rolls around, so I may have limited access to the blogosphere — but I’ll steal whatever time I can get to at least drop by 🙂

  11. Now all I have to do is remember this on August 13th. My rememberer is not working so well, but my forgetter sure is!

  12. Congrats on your upcoming 1 year.

    I’ll have to think about your challenge to see if I have any creativity left after a summer of following kids.

  13. Remember y’all, I’m giving you until NEXT Friday (Aug. 13) to come up with something! And if you want to participate but will be traveling, entertaining kids/in-laws, etc. and you want to schedule a post – just shoot me an email so I can make sure you’re properly linked up!

    Thanks everyone for joining my blogosphere party!

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  15. I’m sure I’ll forget to participate, but it is a cool idea! I LOVE that you called out little Miss Lurker! lol! I always love when a lurker comes forward to say hello. I’m always surprised too – though on my blog, the ratio of page views per comments isn’t as high as it looks like it is on yours. You get a lot of comments!

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  19. RSS stands for Real Simply Syndication. RSS allows you to subscribe to blogs that you want to follow regularly. The best way to keep up with all the blogs you like is with a reader. I use Bloglines. Each time a blog you subscribes to puts up a new post, your reader collects them, the way messages collect in your inbox.

    It’s a little more advanced, but on my theology blog (http://themasterstable.wordpress.com) I have an RSS widget for My Other Blog. It displays the titles of the most recent posts, but it could be set to show content as well. You could have RSS feeds for your favorite blogs on your sidebar, and they update automatically each time that blog posts.

    I’m looking for to August 13th 😉

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  22. Happy one year blogaversary.

    I just blog to get things off my chest really. I don’t expect people to read them but I’m secretly thrilled when they do. I have problems thinking of things to blog about most of the time and that’s when I look for other blogs that interest me then I kick myself and think, “Why didn’t I think of that”?

  23. I did write something today on my blog.

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